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Facebook employees publicly revolt against the company’s political stance

Facebook employees now wonder if they are the baddies.

What you need to know Facebook employees have come out to publicly criticize Zuckerberg’s handling of a Donald Trump post last week. Employees have also staged a virtual workout in protest and in solidarity with protestors across the U.S. Zuckerberg has promised to donate an additional $ 10 million to nonprofits tackling racial justice.

Facebook employees are openly revolting against CEO Marck Zuckerberg over the company’s decision to  [Read More…]

Sundar Pichai isn’t ready for Google employees to work from home full-time

Google will always need an in-person, human element.

What you need to know Wired recently interviewed Google CEO Sundar Pichai, covering a wide range of topics. Pichai talked about Google’s response to the pandemic, contact tracing, etc. Once all is said and done, Pichai doesn’t see Google becoming a 100% remote company.

We talk a lot about Google here on AC, and as with any company we often discuss, it’s important to have a better understanding of  [Read More…]

Google forbids its employees from using Zoom over security concerns

Google says Zoom does not meet the security standards for apps used by its employees.

What you need to know Citing security vulnerabilities, Google has banned its employees from using the Zoom app. Multiple security flaws in Zoom came to light recently, after its user base grew from 10 million to 200 million amid the COVID-19 crisis. Google employees can still use Zoom to connect with friends and family through a web browser or via mobile.

Last  [Read More…]

Huawei employees caught intercepting messages to spy for Ugandan government

Huawei execs apparently didn’t know this was going on.

What you need to know Some Huawei employees were caught intercepting messages for African governments. The messages were used to spy on political opponents in Uganda and Zambia. Huawei executives were apparently unaware that this was taking place.

Huawei has faced a lot of criticism over the last year regarding its potential security threat to certain countries around the globe, and thanks to a new report from The  [Read More…]

Google employees eavesdrop on your conversations with the Google Assistant

Google says only 0.2 percent of all recorded audio fragments are transcribed by its language experts.

What you need to know A report published by Belgian broadcaster, VRT NWS, has claimed Google employees systematically listen to audio recordings by the company’s Google Home smart speakers and the Google Assistant app. Google allegedly uses human contractors to transcribe the audio clips recorded by it to help make its speech recognition technology more accurate. More worryingly, the report alleges  [Read More…]

Huawei employees get banned from science publisher IEEE

The effects of the U.S. ban continue.

What you need to know Huawei employees can no longer edit/review papers from IEEE. A professor from Peking University resigned from the editorial board following this news. IEEE stands for “Electrical and Electronics Engineers” and is a major science publisher.

The ramifications for Huawei following news of its U.S. ban have been massive. Most recently, the Electrical and Electronics Engineers (or IEEE for short) publishing group decided to ban Huawei  [Read More…]

Some Snapchat employees reportedly used internal tools to abuse users’ data

Employees accessed information using an internal tool called “SnapLion.”

What you need to know A report claims Snapchat employees abused their privilege to access user data. This included saved snaps, phone numbers, and more. SnapLion was one of the internal tools used to do this.

It seems like not a day goes by without learning about a new privacy concern or data breach, and this time around Snapchat gets its spot in the limelight with a report  [Read More…]

Riot Games employees may walk out today in protest over forced arbitration

This will be one of the first major studio walkouts in the games industry.

Riot Games has found itself in hot water lately over harassment and sexism concerns within the studio, and now it looks like employees are preparing to walk out today in protest over Riot’s forced arbitration policies, which prevents employees from filing lawsuits against the developer.

Speaking with Kotaku, one current Riot employee hopes that this walkout will force leadership to listen to their  [Read More…]

Google is requiring that its contracted employees receive full benefits

After years of rallying by employees surrounding the company’s reduced pay and benefits for temporary workers, Google will soon be requiring that the contracting companies it works with offer employees many of the same benefits given to full-time Google staff. This is especially good news when you consider that a whopping 54 percent of Google’s employees are part-time or contracted — that’s about 122,000 workers.

An internal memo acquired by The Hill states that Google is requiring contracting  [Read More…]

Facebook exposed up to 600 million user passwords to its employees

How does this keep happening?

Per a report from Krebs on Security on March 21, Facebook has — yet again — found a way to mishandle its users’ data. This time around, it appears that Facebook incorrectly stored user passwords and made them exposed to thousands of employees.

Facebook is probing a series of security failures in which employees built applications that logged unencrypted password data for Facebook users and stored it in plain text on internal  [Read More…]