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Final Fantasy VII remake PlayStation exclusivity ends in March 2021

We have a date.

What you need to know Final Fantasy VII remake was announced as PlayStation Exclusive. New box art suggests that it’s only a timed exclusive. The exclusivity period expires on March 3, 2021. It may come to Xbox One and PC then.

For years now, there have been rumors floating around of an Xbox version of the Final Fantasy VII remake. Today, the box art for the game was updated with the date when  [Read More…]

Jump on the Fossil Gen 5 for $90 off before Cyber Monday ends

Wear OS isn’t as popular as it used to be, but Fossil’s still fighting the good fight, putting its timeless design prowess into a gorgeous watch that actually looks like a watch.

The Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle is absolutely stunning, and if you ask me it’s one of the best-looking smartwatches on the market. You can get it with either a leather or stainless steel band, and either option works great for both casual and formal wear. In the last  [Read More…]

Google ends facial scanning program that was targeting homeless people

The research was carried out by contractors from a third-party company.

What you need to know Google is under scrutiny over tactics taken by its contractors during field research for the facial scan technology in the Pixel 4. The most alarming of the revelations included that contractors were told to target dark-skinned and homeless people. Google has now suspended the research and begun an investigation.

On October 4, we reported on how Google contractors had been using  [Read More…]

PlayStation 4 cross-play testing ends, now open to all developers

PlayStation has finished internally testing cross-play, meaning it is (in theory) open for all developers.

What you need to know In 2018, Sony announced that beta testing had begun for cross-play, with select titles allowed to participate, such as Fortnite: Battle Royale. According to Wired, internal beta testing has finished and cross-play is now open for all developers to access. The number of games supporting cross-play is limited at the moment however, more are coming. In order  [Read More…]

Amazon Prime’s 20% discount on video game pre-orders ends next week

It’s game over for this Prime discount.

Amazon is continuously updating Prime memberships with new features and bonus offers, and there have been a few nice ones which are great for gamers, like Twitch Prime which offers free PC games to members every month. One of the best discounts that Prime currently offers is 20% off physical game pre-orders; that takes a $ 60 game down to $ 47.99, but unfortunately, Amazon just announced that the discount  [Read More…]

What to do with your non-Pixel phone when the Android P beta ends

Getting your phone back to stable software isn’t as easy as you might have hoped it would be.

Testing a preview of Android P can be a fun thing to do, even if you aren’t a developer who needs to get up to speed on the changes. It’s totally beta software and clearly not ready for prime time, but it’s also not as broken as early preview builds have been in the past and some people are  [Read More…]

Oreo beta for Galaxy S8 ends, public build coming soon

The final Oreo build is just around the corner.

Ever since early November, Samsung’s been running a beta of Android Oreo on the Galaxy S8 to test out new features and squash early bugs ahead of a public release. A leaked non-beta build from earlier this month suggested that Oreo would soon be available for the general public, and now it’s been confirmed that the Oreo beta will end on January 26.

Samsung’s started sending out notices  [Read More…]

Nextbit ends all Robin support, effective immediately

And so, the short life of the Nextbit Robin has come to an end.

Six months on the dot since it announced it was being acquired by Razer, Nextbit has ended support for its one and only phone, the Robin. Interestingly, this runs contrary to its initial stance that it would end warranty support after six months but continue to send out security updates through February 2018. It seems as though that isn’t in the cards anymore.

[Read More…]

Galaxy S7 and S7 edge to receive stable Nougat update in January as beta program ends

Samsung concludes the Galaxy Beta Program, stable Nougat build coming next month.

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Beta Program for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge is ending today. In a message sent to those enrolled in the program, Samsung said that the program is concluding on December 30, and that no further beta updates will be issued. The company also said that it will do its best “to distribute the official version in January as  [Read More…]

As we await a refresh, Google ends sales of Chromebook Pixel 2015

With refreshes imminent, there’s little need to keep selling a $ 1300 18-month-old Chromebook.

After discontinuing the lower-end $ 999 model back in April, Google has taken the axe to the last remaining Chromebook Pixel model it was selling. The higher-end $ 1299 version of the Chromebook Pixel 2015 is no longer on sale from the Google Store or the handful of retailers that were still selling the prohibitively expensive laptop, and VentureBeat received a statement from Google indicating  [Read More…]