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Police say Ring cameras aren’t as useful for law enforcement as you think

13 of 40 jurisdictions asked said there have been zero arrests due to Ring footage.

What you need to know Ring’s may be overestimating how effective its cameras are at preventing burglaries. There are several factors to consider when looking at the statistics, and Ring doesn’t share the data and methods it uses. Law enforcement doesn’t usually keep stats on how helpful Ring cameras are and often has trouble identifying those who are caught on camera.

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Google will charge law enforcement for data requests

From $ 45 for a subpoena to $ 245 for a search warrant.

What you need to know Google will now be charging law enforcement agencies for data requests. Prices range from as low as $ 45 all the way to $ 245. Google reserves the right to charge more if the case demands it.

Google will now charge law enforcement for surveillance data requests it fulfills, as per a new report from the New York Times.

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Google pushes Android Q’s controversial Scoped Storage enforcement to 2020

Scoped Storage requires new permissions and has been pushed back till Android R to give developers more time.

One of Android Q‘s key focuses so far has been privacy, bringing a big change to how apps access a phone’s file system. In the most recent beta, Google implemented Scoped Storage, an important tenet of that privacy push, and it was immediately met with negative feedback and controversy.

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