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Stream 4 months of SiriusXM for free with this Essential Streaming offer

SiriusXM is giving interested listeners a chance to try out its streaming service absolutely free for four months when you sign up for an Essential Streaming plan. The best part about this package is that you’ll be able to listen anywhere via the SiriusXM app on an Android or iOS device, or online at its website.

You won’t be charged anything for your first four months of service, though after the trial, the Essential Streaming plan will bill you $  [Read More…]

Woot is blowing out these essential Anker charging and audio accessories

Woot’s having a huge sale on Anker tech essentials and accessories with prices starting as low as $ 9. From Bluetooth speakers to charging cables, power banks, and more, this sale has a good variety of products to help you stay prepared in any situation. You can even score free shipping by logging in with an Amazon Prime account.

Anyone looking for a new pair of headphones has a few discounted options to choose from in today’s sale, like  [Read More…]

Learn essential skills from Ivy League professors and Nobel Prize winners with this app

To be the best, you have to learn from the best. You can’t expect to be great at something purely by self-guidance—we all need a bit of a push and some pieces of priceless wisdom from people who are experts in their field. And you might think that you can only get expert instruction from learning institutions, but there is now a platform that boasts an almost bottomless library of video lessons straight from the pros.

Enter: Big Think  [Read More…]

Google Maps improvements support essential workers, wheelchair users

These Google Maps updates offer additional support to people who need it now more than ever.

What you need to know Google has rolled out two new community-minded changes to Maps. The first highlights businesses which make accommodations for wheelchair accessibility. The second will make it easier for frontline workers to find hotels and lodging which offer special deals.

Google is rolling out two updates to Google Maps that reward more thoughtful business owners. The first is  [Read More…]

Fill your home with these 6 essential smart home accessories

If you’re planning to set up a smart home, you’ll need the basics. First, you have to decide what smart home platform you want to adopt, with the most popular being Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit (though you could use more than one if you really wanted). Then, you need to start building it out with devices that let you control music, lights, security cameras, TVs, and more through a single smartphone app or even voice. There’s so  [Read More…]

Master essential office skills with 6 Udemy courses you can take at home

Social distancing has everyone stuck inside their homes with a massive amount of free time on their hands lately, but rather than letting it all go to waste, Udemy lets you put your time to good use with online courses you can learn from home. With the wide variety of subjects taught at Udemy, you can learn just about anything you want, from how to make a perfect PowerPoint presentation to how to play a new instrument, how to code,  [Read More…]

These $50 true wireless earbuds are essential for working from home

An affordable purchase you’ll be glad you made.

These sure are strange times we live in, aren’t they? Kids are home from school, a lot of non-essential businesses are closing down, and you’re likely working from home for the foreseeable future. Not only is it difficult to adjust to the ever-changing world around us, there’s also the challenge of finding a good groove for your work from home routine.

Working from your house/apartment takes a lot of  [Read More…]

Spotify Premium is a work from home essential that you need to get

I don’t know how I’d work from home without it.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you recently started working from home. Even if it’s just a temporary precaution while the world fights its battle against the COVID-19 coronavirus, you’ll still want to take some time to ensure your setup is as complete as possible.

When we think about the tools required for an enjoyable work at home experience, we often flock to things like  [Read More…]

Essential Phone 2 and 3 prototypes and renders shown off

Essential was shut down in February this year, these renders show off what could have been.

What you need to know Kevin Hoffman, a lead designer at Essential, shared images of upcoming projects. These include the Essential PH3 and Essential GEM, devices the company had been working on for a launch later in 2020. Essential was shuttered in February 2020.

Andy Rubin’s Essential was shut down in February 2020, but we still have a chance at seeing  [Read More…]

Air Wick’s Essential Mist Smart Diffuser shows anything can be made ‘smart’

What you need to know Air Wick has announced the Essential Mist Smart Diffuser. There are iOS and Android apps. Users can turn the diffuser on and off as well as set schedules.

Nobody asked for it but we got it anyway.

Air WIck has announced the Essential Mist Smart Diffuser and yes, it’s an oil diffuser that can be controlled from either an iPhone or Android phone.

Setting the smart control aside, where this diffuser seems  [Read More…]