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Do you wish companies would stop re-designing their phones every year?

Having a chat with the AC forums.

The Android smartphone market is one that can be difficult to keep up with. Year after year, companies push out new handsets with subtle or major tweaks compared to its predecessor. Whether it be slimmer bezels, a slightly thinner body, or a new style for a camera bump, many of these changes are often in the design department.

A new design is one of those things we’ve come to expect  [Read More…]

Every messaging app should steal Slack’s sweet new UI

This is an ingenious way to address issues with gestures overlapping.

It’s no secret that people have frustrations with Android 10‘s gesture navigation, particularly the back gesture — and phones with curved screen edges have only exacerbated the problem. Apps that rely on slide-in drawers can be really tough to use, and when that’s a core part of the interface it can slow you down dramatically.

But this week, I received a much-needed ray of hope for  [Read More…]

Every country and carrier that supports Google RCS

The RCS rollout continues across the globe.

RCS is an upgrade to the standard SMS messaging feature set that exists on all smartphones. It adds typing indicators, read receipts, emoji reactions, support for higher quality file sharing, and so on. In essence, it turns basic SMS into instant messaging and makes the Messages app an iMessage and WhatsApp competitor. While it is typically carrier dependent, Google has opted to take on that burden for now while carriers  [Read More…]

Nearly every Star Wars film is free to watch on Sling TV right now

Star Wars Day is better than ever this year, as you no longer have to scour the galaxy to find where the movies are streaming. The event is well-known for all the discounts it brings on Star Wars merch, but now, Sling TV is offering one of the best Star Wars Day deals and it’s absolutely free. Nearly the entire Star Wars saga is streaming for free at Sling and all you need is a free account to start watching.

  [Read More…]

Stream free live TV every night with Sling’s ‘Happy Hour Across America’

Sling TV is offering a new way to spend your nights at home and you won’t have to pay a cent for it. The all-new ‘Happy Hour Across America’ promotion unlocks access to Sling’s live TV streaming service for free between the hours of 5 p.m. EST and midnight, letting you watch over 50 live channels as well as all the on-demand content you want; it even includes free cloud DVR service, and the best part is that no credit  [Read More…]

Wear OS now nags you to wash your hands every three hours

You can choose to disable the alerts if you find the “feature” to be annoying.

What you need to know The Clock app on Wear OS has started sending periodic alerts to users to remind them to wash their hands. When you open an alert, the app will start a timer for 40 seconds and remind you to always use soap. The reminders can be disabled by holding down on the notification.

Google added a new Assistant  [Read More…]

Why every smartphone needs a good screen protector

Smartphones are expensive. Even a mid-range device can run you several hundred dollars, to say nothing of all the costs associated with ownership. It should go without saying that you want to protect your investment however you can.

That includes purchasing a screen protector. It is, at its core, a means of protecting your investment. Because whether you own your phone or are simply renting it from a carrier, a broken screen leaves you on the hook for  [Read More…]

How to watch MLS 2020: Live stream every game online from anywhere

Don’t miss a single MLS game this season with our guide to watch all the action online

While England’s Premier League and Spain’s La Liga are more than halfway through their 2019-20 seasons, America and Canada’s Major League Soccer (MLS) season is just getting started. The MLS 2020 regular season kicks off on Saturday, February 29th and will run all the way to October when the best teams in the league will compete in the MLS Cup Playoffs to  [Read More…]

Every tech business should have a .tech domain extension—here’s why

It’s hard to imagine, but the era of the dot com boom has been over for a good while. And yet, big companies continue to shell out huge sums for even the most obscure .com domains while the vast majority of startups settle for awkward variations on their brand for a website name.

And why? Conditioning, mostly. Businesses flock toward .com and .net extensions because they’ve always been there. But they’re far from the best option anymore, especially  [Read More…]

The Galaxy S20 will be expensive, but so will every other flagship 5G phone

Samsung will be the first, but this pricing trend will continue throughout 2020.

The latest Galaxy S20 leaks don’t paint an affordable picture: a €999 starting price for the Galaxy S20 (with 5G), up to €1349 for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Typically those Euro prices translate roughly directly to the U.S. prices, so that would point to $ 999-$ 1349 stateside. That’s a tough pill to swallow when the Galaxy S10e started at $ 750 this time  [Read More…]