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Hands-on with Edge+, the most exciting Motorola phone in years

Here’s what a $ 1,000 Motorola phone looks like.

It’s been a long time since I was genuinely excited about a new Motorola phone. The company’s Moto G and Motorola One handsets have done an excellent job of providing quality Android experiences at low price points, but as with any budget smartphone, they aren’t designed to be overly interesting or jaw-dropping.

The last time I felt that sort of excitement was for the 2nd-gen Moto X. I think  [Read More…]

Google Duo is getting 4 exciting upgrades to make video calls even better

Better video quality, larger group calls, and more!

What you need to know Duo’s end to end encrypted calling is getting a new video codec to improve call quality and reliability. You can now take a photo with the person you’re chatting with, so you can create memories together. Group call size recently increased from eight to twelve participants, with plans to further grow that limit.

Google Duo, like many other video calling platforms, has seen a  [Read More…]

Samsung, not Apple, is leading the next exciting phone industry change

Being first is actually worth something.

A history of the folding phone Galaxy Z Flip vs. Moto RAZR Why your next phone should be a foldable Why your next phone shouldn’t be a foldable More reasons why you should hold off on a foldable Our phones are our most important fashion accessory The clamshell foldable is the new ‘small’ phone Foldables aren’t the ‘small’ phone you want (yet) All the differences between foldable devices  [Read More…]

Google is teasing ‘something exciting’ for Samsung’s Galaxy S20 launch

Maybe it’s going to show off Android’s support for foldable phones?

What you need to know Google is teasing some kind of announcement for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event. It’s unclear what the company has in store. The tease came via the Android account on Twitter.

As the Galaxy Unpacked event on February 11 draws closer, you’d expect Samsung to be hyping up the event as much as it could, but this week, we saw another party  [Read More…]

Clamshells aren’t as exciting as mini-tablets, but they’re still great

Not every folding phone needs to be a miniature tablet.

Depending on who you ask, foldable phones are either the inevitable future of mobile that we’re all slowly inching towards, or an expensive gimmick that nobody should invest in just yet. Or maybe it’s a bit of both.

I think it’s still a little early to come to any definitive conclusions, and that phones are far from the only use we’ll have for flexible display tech —  [Read More…]

Latest Pixel 4 leak shows off exciting new orange ‘Coral’ option

Google is continuing its tradition of offering the Pixels in three colors.

What you need to know This is our first look at the Pixel 4 in orange. The leak reaffirms the design, with a glass back and large camera housing. The image suggests the Pixel 4 will retain a matte finish at the back.

The Pixel 4 leaks are coming in thick and fast. Just a few days ago the black and white color options showed  [Read More…]

The Pixel 3a is one of the most exciting phones I’ve seen in a while

I am 100% here for this.

If you’ve been following the smartphone market even remotely close for the last couple of years, you’ll likely have picked up on a few trends. Manufacturers are overly eager to commit to glass/metal designs, reduce display bezels as much as possible, and increase price tags as high as they can.

This has resulted in some pretty phenomenal smartphones, such as the Galaxy S10 and Pixel 3 XL, but unless you’ve got  [Read More…]

Stadia promises an exciting future but everyone else needs to be there, too

It’s time for the gaming industry to grow up.

If you read my piece a few weeks ago about the greatest phone that ever existed (go ahead, fight me on it), you knew how excited I was for GDC. That’s because I knew Google was about to announce one of the biggest threats to the gaming industry’s status quo since Battle Royale games became mainstream.

Google’s Stadia, as it’s known, is very forward-thinking stuff. It’s a gaming  [Read More…]

Project Treble is super exciting, but custom Android interfaces are here to stay

The future of Android updates is upon us … sort of.

For the Android enthusiasts among us, Google’s announcement of Project Treble felt like a message straight from the heavens. The new system, coming in Android O, lays the groundwork for Android devices to have proper separation between the core of Android and the necessary (and unnecessary) customizations device manufacturers need to apply before sending out software updates. Functionally, it means Google can update its own parts  [Read More…]

One Button Nav on the Moto G5 is an exciting new way to interact with your phone

The Moto G5 puts the fingerprint sensor to good use.

One of the more interesting features in the Moto G5 and G5 Plus is a new Moto Action called One Button Nav. The feature made its debut on the 5.0-inch Lenovo Z2 Plus last year, and after seeing positive feedback from its user community, Motorola included it in the G5 and G5 Plus.

The feature eschews the on-screen navigation buttons, instead relying on the fingerprint sensor of  [Read More…]