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Review: Get Packed on Google Stadia is an enjoyable, but shallow experience

Get ready to move out.

Google Stadia is a cloud game streaming service that recently got a launch exclusive called Get Packed. Get Packed is a couch co-op experience all about moving out of your apartment. Oddly enough, it manages to capture the chaos by using physics-based controls for up to four players. If you love games like Octodad and QWOP, you should check this one out.

Help them move out Get Packed

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Google is rolling out a new search experience for Google Earth

The upgrade includes data layers, quizzes, and more.

What you need to know Google Earth is getting a fresh coat of paint. The search experience for the service is receiving a massive upgrade, with both UI and functional features. The changes are already live on the web, iOS, and Android apps.

Google Earth has been the recipient of a lot of love from Google in the past few months. Having brought the starry sky to the mobile  [Read More…]

Which carrier offers the best 5G experience?

It’s finally time to think about 5G when choosing a carrier. 5G coverage has continued to grow and is available in more places than ever. Increased use of sub-6 5G has led to great coverage and many supported phones while mmWave is pushing out the boat on speed and capacity in dense urban areas. There are also some MVNO options allowing for even more access. With a mix of sub-6 on low-band and mid-band spectrum for rural and  [Read More…]

Get a true D&D experience on your phone with Fireball for Android

Fireball is everything I want from a tabletop RPG app, and I can’t wait to play it in September

Anyone who has played a game of Dungeons and Dragons knows how hard it is to play Dungeons and Dragons regularly. From crazy world-changing things like lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders to mundane things like the babysitter letting you down, it can be incredibly hard to get together around a table and play for four hours.

Of course, the modern  [Read More…]

Bring the theater experience home with LG’s SK9Y Soundbar now down to $240

No one is missing the overpriced popcorn and soda, but with theaters closed around the world for the time being, the glorious big screen and hi-def audio of a cinema is something we all could really use right now as a minor break from everything going on these days. Since it’ll be some time before movie theaters are re-opened to the public, you may want to start thinking of improving your home entertainment setup instead.

Today only, Woot has the  [Read More…]

E3 2020 digital experience won’t be happening, E3 2021 dates revealed

The dates for E3 2021 have reportedly been set, but there won’t be an online experience this year.

What you need to know E3 2020 was canceled due to the outbreak of COVID-19. A “reimagined” event will take place next year. The ESA has reportedly canceled plans of an online-only version of E3 2020.

After E3 2020 was canceled due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent consequences of it, the ESA has reportedly set dates  [Read More…]

Project Xehanort, new Kingdom Hearts mobile experience, set for Spring 2020

Square Enix is teasing the actual name with a contest.

What you need to know Square Enix announced “Project Xehanort,” an upcoming mobile “experience.” It’ll be available on iOS, Android, and Amazon. An official title hasn’t been released yet, but people can guess what the name of it is and possibly win a prize.

Just as it said it would, Square Enix announced a new title on Wednesday. The project, temporarily dubbed “Project Xehanort,” is a new  [Read More…]

Get a Jetsons-like experience with wacky bathroom products at CES 2020

From smart speakers in your shower head to smart toilets — what a time to be alive.

CES 2020 kicks off this week in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it is bringing some innovative new tech products to your … bathroom, of all places. Yes, someone out there must have been dreaming of an intelligent toilet that can clean itself, and now those dreams have come true! Or maybe someone else has been itching for a smart bathtub  [Read More…]

LE Audio will usher in a better Bluetooth audio experience in 2020

It’ll also bring Bluetooth support to hearing aids, opening up the burgeoning world of wireless audio to the hearing impaired.

What you need to know The Bluetooth standard is getting a new audio platform. Dubbed LE — for low energy — Audio, the new standard reduces both power consumption and improves sound quality. In addition, it’ll allow for sharing audio between multiple users and boasts better compatibility with hearing aids.

There’s a new Bluetooth audio platform in  [Read More…]

Sling launches its free experience on Android and Amazon Fire TV

You’ll get free TV shows and movies without having to sign up for a Sling account.

What you need to know Sling is bringing some free content to Android and Amazon Fire TV devices. It’s already doing this on Roku. That’ll include the Oct. 15 presidential debate.

Sling today announced that it’s bringing a bunch of free content to Android and Amazon Fire TV devices. that means no credit cards required. No Sling account sign-ups, even. Just  [Read More…]