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Should you install the Kaspersky Chrome extension?

Best answer: Yes, as long as you have a Kaspersky security solution, you should be using the extension. It provides additional information to keep you safe while browsing the web.

Get the whole security package: Kaspersky Total Security 2020 (From $ 50/year at Kaspersky) Get the extension for free: Kaspersky Security Cloud – Free (Free at Kaspersky) Included with Kaspersky

Many people have become adept at identifying threats online, whether it’s a sketchy website or a suspicious  [Read More…]

Google temporarily suspends paid extension updates in the Chrome Web Store

There’s no ETA for when the ban will be lifted.

What you need to know The Chrome Web Store will no longer accept paid extensions. Updates to paid extensions already published have also been blocked. The change in policy is a temporary measure aimed at halting a tide of fraudulent transactions involving the extension marketplace.

While Google this week launched experiments that make its browser much harder to use, it’s also been dealing with others’ attempts to  [Read More…]

LastPass accidentally takes down its own browser extension for Chrome

The website and the mobile apps are still working.

What you need to know LastPass inadvertently unlisted its browser extension for Chrome yesterday. The extension is in the process of being reviewed and listed back on the Chrome Web Store. In the meantime, users can still access their login credentials via LastPass’s website or its mobile apps.

LastPass seemingly shot itself in the foot yesterday and accidentally unlisted its browser extension from the Chrome Web Store. This  [Read More…]

Why you NEED to install the Keepa browser extension before Prime Day 2019

If you’re planning to shop during Amazon Prime Day, you should use Keepa to see the product price history and avoid making the wrong purchase choices.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is once again upon us from July 15 to July 16, 2019, and even though during these 48 hours the online retailer website will be packed with deals, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll save money on the products you buy.

The prices on Amazon are constantly  [Read More…]

Amazon’s giving away free $3 credits for installing its browser extension

Cash in today.

The Amazon Assistant is Amazon’s way of helping you stay on top of price comparisons, wishlist items, and your latest Amazon orders. Right now, Amazon is offering new users of the browser extension a chance to snag $ 3 off a future purchase of $ 10 or more. All you’ve got to do is simply download the extension to your computer. This deal is only valid for US customers who have never used the  [Read More…]

This simple Chrome extension makes new tabs gorgeous

Google’s backdrops are great, but Apple’s Aerials are awesome.

We’ve talked about how easy it is to bring Apple TV’s excellent Aerial screensavers to Android TV. It’s also possible to use them as your Mac background. And for everyone else — especially those of the chromeOS variety — it’s also possible to use them as what you see when you fire up a new tab in the world’s best browser.

Here’s how to do it:

Install this Chrome extension.  [Read More…]

Cookie AutoDelete is my new favorite Chrome extension

You can control all your cookies with one easy-to-use tool and that makes it the best extension ever.

A few days ago, I discovered the best Chromebook extension ever made. It crushes cookies using some simple rules and now I don’t have to dig in and do it myself whenever I get a little twitchy.

What is a cookie? When you browse the internet, you get bombarded by little bits of information called HTTP cookies. Your browser  [Read More…]

This Chrome extension adds Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB info to Hulu listings

Install, hover. Done.

Now this is pretty cool. If you’ve ever been looking through the Hulu listings on a web browser and wondered “Wouldn’t it be great to have Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB information for each show?” — you’re in luck. It’s been done with a pretty basic Chrome extension from Flixed.io.

Here’s what you do:

You’ll need to be using the Chrome browser. Because it’s a Chrome extension. So Chrome. Install the plugin. Hover over a listing  [Read More…]

This in-app training Chrome extension will make you a Google Docs master

Whether you’re just getting started with a Chromebook or your office is one of the millions switching to Google Docs — or maybe you’re just curious, that’s OK, too — if you need to know all the tricks to becoming a Google apps wizard, this Chrome extension is for you.

Formerly known as Synergyse Training, the Training for Google APPs extension will walk you through everything you can do, and how to do it, for Google Docs,  [Read More…]

This Pokémon NO Chrome extension will catch ’em all (and kill them)

Pokémon is everywhere. Here’s how to put a stop to it.

So all the cool kids are playing this Pokémon Go thing. It’s likely the most successful launch of any mobile game in the history of mankind, and it’s infected lovingly found it’s way into a bazillion websites on the internet. I get it. Popular is popular, and the people enjoying the game like to read about it and discuss everything. That’s what the internet was  [Read More…]