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Nearly every Star Wars film is free to watch on Sling TV right now

Star Wars Day is better than ever this year, as you no longer have to scour the galaxy to find where the movies are streaming. The event is well-known for all the discounts it brings on Star Wars merch, but now, Sling TV is offering one of the best Star Wars Day deals and it’s absolutely free. Nearly the entire Star Wars saga is streaming for free at Sling and all you need is a free account to start watching.

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Stream The Simpsons’ new short film on Disney+ for free

Catching up with Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie is easier than ever now that The Simpsons is available to stream on Disney+. Earlier today, Disney announced that the all-new The Simpsons short Maggie Simpson in ‘Playdate with Destiny’ will be joining the rest of the series on the platform starting tomorrow, April 10. Disney+ will be the only place to watch until further notice, so if you’re wondering how to sign up, how much Disney+ costs, or how you  [Read More…]

Uncharted movie director leaves, film now part of PlayStation Productions

The Uncharted movie has lost another director but will now be a part of PlayStation Productions

What you need to know The Uncharted movie is currently in production, with Tom Holland signed on to star as Nathan Drake. The director of the movie, Dan Trachtenberg, has exited the film according to a report from Deadline. Additionally, the film will now be produced as a part of PlayStation Productions. PlayStation Productions is a media studio established by Sony  [Read More…]

Dispatches from GDC 2017: VR creators use film techniques to make immersive games

The co-founders of Steel Wool Studios detail how they used storytelling elements from film to make their virtual reality content more immersive.

People cry at movies — heck, I had myself a good cry the other night with a feature on Hulu. But it’s not actually the film that elicits the emotional reaction, it’s the story. From the beginning to the end, the point of a worthy narrative is to get us emotionally invested in the outcome  [Read More…]

University students take on 360-degree video with VR film contest

As the interest round VR and 360-degree video heats up, students from the Rhode Island School of Design and New York University are competing in a “first-of-its-kind” VR film contest. Sponsored by 360fly, the contest has 22 finalist submissions that you can check out on YouTube below.

To film the videos, shot and edited the footage via a 360fly camera and its accompanying app. Students could then submit the films to the following categories for a shot at winning  [Read More…]

The New York Times’ latest VR film takes you on the campaign trail

The New York Times has published a brand new virtual reality film about the current U.S. presidential campaign. Now available in the NYT VR app, you can grab your Google Cardboard headset and hit the campaign trail.

The film, called “The Contenders,” lets you experience a number of political events held by both Republican and Democratic candidates. Watch Hillary Clinton speak with college students, or Ted Cruz engaging with voters at a small-town diner. Get  [Read More…]

The New York Times will debut its next virtual reality film with its December 13 issue

The New York Times has announced that its next virtual reality film will debut with its December 13 issue as part of the magazine’s annual Great Performers release. Recently, The New York Times shipped Google Cardboard viewers with the newspaper along with its first film, The Displaced.

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