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How to watch The 100: Stream the final season on The CW live from anywhere

The seventh and final season of The 100 has arrived. After months of unending war and terror on the ground, followed by over a hundred years in Cryosleep and the discovery of a new planet, season seven picks up right where the last left off as Clarke, Bellamy, Raven, and the rest of the crew seek to put an end to the malicious Primes, find Octavia, and uncover the secrets of the mysterious anomaly.

The 100 was one of the  [Read More…]

I’ve never played Final Fantasy, but the FF7 remake is fantastic

I’ve never played a Final Fantasy game before, and my experience with FF7R did not disappoint. Also, the soul of my anime-loving inner teen is back.

From the moment the camera panned in on Aerith’s face while the iconic notes to Final Fantasy VII’s theme chimed lightly in the background, I got chills.

I’ve never played a Final Fantasy game before. There’s no nostalgia here for me. I don’t have fond memories of staying up until 2  [Read More…]

Everything you need to know about weapons and SP in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

A hero is only as good as his gear.

Throughout any Final Fantasy game, your heroes will find lots of weapons to help them along the way. In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, weapons are handled a little differently than in the original. Implementing the SP system, you can level up your gear and customize each piece to suit your play style. Even better, each weapon you pick up has the potential to serve you throughout the game,  [Read More…]

Everything you need to know about summoning in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Wind, fade to silence and light, give us power! Shiva!

One of the most iconic elements of the Final Fantasy series has to be the summons, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake is no exception. While many were concerned, based on the original game and the way Remake is being split up, that there wouldn’t be much summoning to be done, worry not! There are several Summons you can obtain in this game, and I’ve got all the  [Read More…]

How Chadley’s Intel Reports in Final Fantasy 7 Remake get you Summoning

Chadley Chadignton Chadster the Seventh…

Okay, but seriously, Chadley is a stupid name. If you started up Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you probably have some questions about this Chadley character, his Intel Reports, and why you should bother with what are essentially pretty dull side quests. Or maybe you don’t, and you blew off this kid and his achievement list. Why do you want to help this weird robot Shinra clone kid? Oh, right, Materia.

Who is  [Read More…]

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: What is Materia and where to find it

You know how to use this, right?

Materia, the beautiful, luminescent crystals found throughout the world of Final Fantasy VII. All magic requires Materia and there are many, many Materia. Some are easy to find or even given to you as you progress in the game; while others can be missed if you don’t have a careful eye. A few can’t even be obtained until you’ve beat the game. Fortunately, we know where to find and how  [Read More…]

How to get Chocobo Chick, Carbuncle, and Cactaur in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

What you pursue will be yours, but you will lose something dear…

By now, you’ve probably learned that there are plenty of Summons in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but did you know there are three summons you can only get based on how you purchased your copy of the game? Even if you got the right copy of the game, did you know these DLC Summons have to be added in separately? Lucky for you, we  [Read More…]

Review: Ready for Final Fantasy 7 to define yet another generation?

I’ve just come out of the other side of Final Fantasy VII Remake. I am blown away.

As I write this, I have quite literally just finished Final Fantasy VII Remake, which has been in development at Square Enix for several years.

Based on the legendary title of the same name from 1997, a potential Final Fantasy VII Remake had been rumored for well over a decade before finally breaking cover at E3 back in 2015. The  [Read More…]

Physical copies of Final Fantasy 7 remake may be delayed due to coronavirus

If you’re getting a physical copy of this ambitious remake, it might be delayed.

What you need to know Final Fantasy 7 remake is scheduled to release on April 10. Due to the spread of Coronavirus, physical delays of the game may occur. The digital release will not be impacted.

Final Fantasy 7 remake is coming soon, but unfortunately, if you’re grabbing a physical copy, you might be waiting to get your copy. Square Enix has provided  [Read More…]

How to beat the final boss in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo

It’s not as difficult when you know what to do.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo has been around for a little while now, and we’ve been playing quite a lot since its release. Though it is only about 30-40 minutes of gameplay, it gives a real taste of what the full game is likely to hold in store for us.

A fair few people have been having some difficulty, however. Like a lot of modern games,  [Read More…]