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Flo by Moen Smart Water Detector finds and stops leaks in your home

Use Smart Water Detector to find the leaks that Flo stops.

What you need to know Smart Water Detector helps find leaks caused by more than just pipes and alerts users of their presence. Smart Water Detector can also aid in prevention by detecting freezing temperatures and high humidity. Pairs with Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff to help manage leaks and conserve water usage throughout the home.

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Google finds a .new way to make money off domain registration

Buy your .new domain quick before they’re forgotten

What you need to know Google is opening its .new domain to companies and organizations. The URL should engage a useful action or task. Spotify, Medium, Cisco Webex already own domains.

Google is opening its top-level .new domain for companies and organizations that wish to create a shortcut initiated from a simple URL. Currently, Google uses .new for its Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps. Typing docs.new into your  [Read More…]

Project Zero team finds bug in Pixel, Huawei, Samsung and other devices

An exploit of this bug was being used in the wild and allegedly originates from Israeli cyber intelligence firm NSO Group.

What you need to know Google’s Project Zero found the 0-day vulnerability in the wild. It affects a bunch of devices, including the Galaxy S7, S8, S9, and Pixel 1 and 2. Google’s already issued a patch, but manufacturers will need to push it out manually.

Google’s Project Zero security research team has reported a 0-day  [Read More…]

Health Canada working with Samsung over Note 7 recall; finds 70 reported failures in the U.S.

When Samsung kicked off the global recall for the Note 7, the company said that it found over 35 reported instances of battery malfunctions around the globe. That number has increased to more than 70 in the U.S., according to a new report published by the Canadian government.

Samsung asked customers in the U.S. to voluntarily turn in their Note 7 earlier this month, and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is now getting involved in  [Read More…]

Tom’s Guide reviews US carriers, finds T-Mobile to be the best all-around

Our pals at Tom’s Guide have spent countless hours researching and testing to see how the US carriers compare to each other. The findings reveal that T-Mobile is the best all-around carrier, with Verizon coming in a close second. When searching for a carrier, many people focus only on the service in their location, but the comparison goes far beyond that.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 edge teardown finds a battery that’s glued to the curved display

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is much like the HTC One M9 in that it’s seemingly difficult to repair. The latest iFixit teardown awards Samsung’s curvaceous smartphone with a low repair score.

Court finds Motorola infringed on MMS patent

A U.S. jury found today that Motorola has infringed on a patent relating to multimedia messaging held by patent holding company Intellectual Ventures.

Intellectual Ventures also accused Motorola of infringing on a second patent relating to wireless bandwidth, but that patent was invalidated by the jury.

Afterlight photo app finds its way to Android

Afterlight is a great new app for Android photographers now available in the Google Play Store. Afterlight enjoys a ton of popularity on iOS thanks adjustable filters, fine-tuning tools, textures, and cut-out frames.

For $ 0.99 you get 59 filters, 66 textures, and 77 artistic frames. If those aren’t enough, you can always pick up more through in-app purchases.

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iFixit tears down the LG G Watch and finds it easy to repair

iFixit has not only managed to get their hands on the LG G Watch but the gadget fixing team has performed its now famous tear down procedure on the Android Wear smartwatch and found that it is pretty easy to repair.

Samsung Gear Fit teardown finds even smaller electronic bits inside, mostly battery

In traditional fashion there’s a new device in town and the iFixit team has had their way with it. After a look inside of the Samsung Gear 2 earlier this week, up now it’s the turn of the Gear Fit. And guess what? It’s got some really small electronic parts inside. Apart from the battery.

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