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HyperX Cloud Flight S headset hands-on: Great virtual surround sound

I’ve been testing out the HyperX Cloud Flight S for a couple of weeks now, and I love it.

HyperX recently made a new addition to its Cloud Flight wireless headset line with the HyperX Cloud Flight S. Upon first glance there isn’t much different other than a slight change in coloring on the earcups (goodbye stereotypical gamer red), but the Cloud Flight S actually offers a lot more than its older sibling. I’ve had about two  [Read More…]

Go wireless with the HyperX Cloud Flight gaming headset discounted to $100

Maintain that team communication.

The HyperX Cloud Flight wireless gaming headset is down to $ 99.99 through Best Buy’s official eBay store front. You can also find it on Best Buy’s main site as part of an ongoing flash sale on PC headsets. The same version goes for around $ 126 on Amazon, and it has never been lower than today’s deal there. Some retailers sell it for as much as $ 160, like GameStop.

Keep talkin’ HyperX Cloud  [Read More…]

The best flight games for Gear VR

Fly through VR.

Games on Gear VR can take you to amazing places. If you’ve been looking for awesome flight games that let you pilot a vessel, then you’re in luck. From manning a Spitfire in the skies during World War II, to soaring through space firing missiles at enemy spaceships, there are a number of different flight games that can take you to the skies. Finding the ones worth their salt can be pesky though.

That’s  [Read More…]

Eagle Flight review: One hell of a ride!

Paris is free from humans and nature has had enough time to take over. Wild animals roam the streets, vines climb the Eiffel Tower, and the Metro is flooded. How you live in this post-apocalyptic city is really up to you. Follow a story, take to the skies with some friends and defend your territory against other players, or enjoy yourself as your soar freely over Haussmann’s iconic architecture. It’s great to be a bird.

Read the  [Read More…]

Replacement Galaxy Note 7 catches fire on flight, forces evacuation

Last month, Samsung shipped 500,000 replacement Galaxy Note 7 units to in the United States following a global recall of the flagship phablet. Unfortunately for Samsung, though, one of those replacement units reportedly caught fire and forced a flight to evacuate before it left the ground.

As reported by USA Today and The Verge, Brian Green picked up his replacement Galaxy Note 7 from an AT&T retail store on September 21. He says that his device had a green battery indicator his box has a black square  [Read More…]

Family Locator is offering access to its flight tracking feature for free

Sygic has updated its Family Locator app, allowing all users of the popular GPS app to access its flight tracking feature for the first time.

While the feature has been a part of the app for premium subscribers, it is now accessible for free users as well. Sygic states:

By partnering with FlightAware, Sygic is able to inform families about a plane’s departure, landing, delay, or cancellation without needing GPS or a data  [Read More…]

How to help your phone survive a long-haul flight

Travel can be tough on your phone.

For many of us, smartphones are a hugely important part of traveling by air — whether it’s through airline apps and mobile boarding passes, using indoor maps to find your way around the terminal, or just distracting yourself from the stress and boredom of the whole experience.

But flying can be tough on your phone. Browsing or using apps for hours while waiting for a flight can eat a  [Read More…]

Ubisoft’s Eagle Flight VR game lets you soar over the streets of Paris

Ubisoft has revealed a new VR experience, set to debut next year. Eagle Flight lets you take to the skies of Paris as an eagle, and will be available for both Windows PCs through the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Google Flight Search now provides amenity data through partnership with Routehappy

Making a decision on which flight to take is about to get a tad easier, as Google Flight Search results will soon display amenity information for each flight.

The new information is the result of a partnership between Google and Routehappy that will integrate flight amenity data, such as whether a flight has in-seat power, Wi-Fi, and ample legroom, into Google Flights results.

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AC editors’ apps of the week: Ping, Flight Board, Capitaine Train and more

Our weekly app picks

Another Appday Sunday and we’re back with a handful of our favorites to share. We’ve got apps to make life easy, apps to make you healthy, and apps that help you get where you want to go. And of course a game, because Jerry.

Give these a look and then take a minute to tell us all about the apps you are using and love so we can give them a try.  [Read More…]