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Flipboard launches an ad-free, curated video service for $3 a month

It will be available in a dedicated tab within the Flipboard app.

What you need to know Flipboard has announced the launch of a new curated video platform called Flipboard TV. The “premium” service will be available exclusively to Galaxy S20 owners, who will also get a three-month free trial. After the free trial period expires, the service will cost $ 3 per month.

Popular news aggregator app Flipboard is launching a new “premium” curated video service  [Read More…]

Flipboard resets passwords after data breach exposed users’ details

Flipboard says databases containing users’ account information, including passwords and email addresses, were copied by hackers.

What you need to know Flipboard says hackers gain unauthorized access to its databases containing user details. The databases in question included users’ names, encrypted passwords and email addresses. Flipboard is resetting passwords for millions of users as a precautionary measure. Third-party accounts aren’t affected, but Flipboard is also resetting tokens.

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Flipboard redesign encourages curation and sharing content with friends

Flipboard attempts a revival with new features, including the ability to curate your own publication and share it with friends.

If the Flipboard app interface was starting to feel a little dated to you, there’s good news. The company has launched a massive re-design of its news aggregation app, with a particular focus on design.

Flipboard 4.0 is introduced as the response to the company’s “ever-growing ecosystem” of sources, the  [Read More…]

Flipboard update brings brand new design, 30,000 more topics to follow

Flipboard for Android grabbed its largest update in some time today, bringing a fresh new design to the personal magazine, as well as over 30,000 new topics to follow, the option to follow others, and what the Flipboard team is calling a “Daily Edition.”

Flipboard undergoes major redesign, launches curated daily news section

News magazine app Flipboard picked up a major update today, which brings forth a new design as well as the addition of over 30,000 topics. Also new is a curated daily news magazine called The Daily Edition, which features a list of general news stories from a variety of categories.

Google Currents arrives on Android to make newsreaders forget Flipboard

Google was previously rumored to have made an offer for Flipboard, an iOS-only application that brings in feeds from various news source and formats them beautifully for tablets. Google was unsuccessful in the bid for Flipboard, so it made its own.

Meet Google Currents, a “magazine-like editions view” of the news. Currents puts a heavy emphasis on photos and blocks of texts formatted to  [Read More…]

Google’s Flipboard clone, Propeller, launching next week


Last year, when Google tried to purchase the innovative content reader application Flipboard, they were greeted with a confident decline. With a $ 200 million valuation and over 4 million downloads so far, it’s clear why Flipboard thinks they can be plenty successful on their own. But that decision may come back to haunt them. Google told Flipboard that if the company didn’t sell now, Google would be coming back with  [Read More…]