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Wifi-only HTC Flyer gets its Honeycomb update

HTC Flyer

HTC a month ago said the Honeycomb update was finally coming soon to the HTC Flyer tablet. And today the Taiwanese manufacturer is making good on that promise, as the update has begun to push out. You’ll be updated to Android 3.2, and we’re already hearing reports of more smoothness, the disappearance of wallpaper lag and other overall coolness.

The question at this point is whether we’ll see the Flyer  [Read More…]

Android 3.2 update for US WiFi and 3G HTC Flyer now available


The US HTC Flyer is finally getting its Android 3.2 update from HTC. According to several different reports, the Honeycomb update for the WiFi and 3G HTC Flyers started rolling out late last night. The upgrade from Android 2.3 should bring US HTC Flyer owners in line with what European Flyer users have been enjoying for quite some time. The HTC Flyer Android 3.2 brings with it better support for HTC  [Read More…]

HTC: Honeycomb coming ‘soon’ to the Wifi-only HTC Flyer

HTC Flyer

And HTC’s made it official: Honeycomb indeed is rolling out to the GSM HTC Flyer in Europe. So what about the rest of us? HTC says the Wifi version of the Flyer will “receive its Honeycomb update soon.” Here’s the full skinny:

Ready for some ‘sweet’ news? The GSM version of the HTC Flyer tablet, available in Europe, is beginning to receive updates to Honeycomb beginning today! Honeycomb brings a  [Read More…]

HTC commences Honeycomb rollout for the HTC Flyer


Honeycomb for the HTC Flyer has arrived! Earlier today HTC started pushing out a new 210 MB update (version 3.55.405.1) to the HTC Flyer that delivers Honeycomb to HTC’s first tablet device. For now, the update is only being pushed out to the 3G enabled version of the tablet, which is only sold in Europe. Those of you who own the WiFi-only version of the Flyer will need to wait a  [Read More…]

Verizon going with ‘Nexus Prime’ after all? This Best Buy flyer sure thinks so

Nexus Prime at Best Buy

Look, we know the wait for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus here in the United States is making people act a little crazy. We get that, and we’re not really blaming anybody. But this sort of thing isn’t helping matters any. What you see here, according to new forums member mynewride, is a Best Buy Mobile flyer that is due to come out Dec. 1. And in it we have  [Read More…]

Best Buy drops price of HTC Flyer to $100 (Update: Nope)


Update: It appears someone at Best Buy might have made a boo-boo when it came to the online pricing of the HTC Flyer. According to this picture from Twitter user Nutzareus, Best Buy is hanging up signs at some of it’s stores that the $ 99.99 price was simply incorrect, and that the Flyer is still $ 299.99.  Can anyone out at a Best Buy store confirm this?

Less than a  [Read More…]

Best Buy cuts price of HTC Flyer to $299 starting Oct 1 – things just got interesting

HTC Flyer

Best buy has released a statement saying that as of Oct.1, the price of the HTC Flyer (read our review) will drop from $ 499 to $ 299.  This is hot on the heels of a similar announcement about the BlackBerry Playbook, which also saw a $ 200 price drop to $ 299.  After seeing products sit on the shelves, and fire sales, and cheap competitors, it looks like retailers (and likely  [Read More…]

US Cellular adds the HTC Wildfire S, Hero S and Flyer to its lineup

USCC devices

US Cellular just droppeed word that it’s adding a trio of HTC devices to its lineup — devices that we outed back in July along with the rest of USCC’s roadmap. Here’s what’s on tap:

HTC Hero S — We can safely say this is the one that was labled the Desire II in our leaked roadmap. It’s got a 4-inch Super LCD display at qHD resolution, 5MP rear camera, 1.3MP front-facing  [Read More…]

Hulu Plus+ coming to Droid Bionic, HTC Sensation, HTC Flyer and several marquee devices

Did you watch the Primetime Emmy Awards and wish that it was easier to watch some of those honored television shows on your Android phone? Well, you’re in luck, because Hulu will soon announce that it’s expanding its supported device list.

The Hulu Blog posted an announcement titled “Android Rollout Continues on Nine Devices” early this morning. The author must have jumped the gun  [Read More…]

HTC Adds Flyer to List of Devices with Unlocked Bootloader Support

HTC has quietly added yet another device to their officially support unlocked bootloaders, this time tossing their Flyer tablet in the mix. The growing list also includes various versions of the Evo 3D,  as well as the Sensation, and Sensation 4G. Should you own of these 7-inch Android tablets, you can head to HTCDev and begin the unlocking process using the web-based tools. According to the finer print,  [Read More…]