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A smartphone user’s guide to staying focused throughout the day

Plenty of Android apps are distracting, but some can be helpful at keeping you productive, too.

“Get off Instagram and stay off Twitter” has become my mantra as I work in silence at home, with every distraction at my whim and no one around to hold me accountable. Frankly, this is the perfect time for AI to come into play and save me from myself, but until I can command something like Google Home to keep me  [Read More…]

Neverware offering Office 365 focused version of CloudReady Chrome OS

Neverware is now offering a version of its take on Chrome OS with Microsoft OneDrive and Office 365 integration.

CloudReady is software designed to breathe new life into your old Windows computer or Mac by using Chromium — the free open source version of Chrome OS. We looked at a build of CloudReady designed for virtual machines and found it was an excellent way to experience Chrome OS without buying any new hardware. It’s great to see  [Read More…]

ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom hands-on: Focused on being more than just a camera

The second ‘Zoom’ model isn’t quite as impressive optically, but makes more sense practically.

After some pretty audacious engineering marvels going into the last ZenFone Zoom, ASUS has taken a decidedly simpler approach with the new ZenFone 3 Zoom. Rather than being a majority camera-focused smartphone, this is aimed at being a solid mid-to-high-end device overall that also happens to great photos with top-end camera specs.

ASUS effectively gave up on the huge, cumbersome and trade-off-heavy optical  [Read More…]

Google explains why it focused on fair gender representation with its new emoji

Diverse emoji are better emoji.

For many of us, emoji are a part of our daily conversations. I text my best friend with a heart emoji and a sunrise emoji every morning, and I use the raised hands emoji to let my co-workers know that I’m having an IRL physical reaction to something in the Mobile Nations Slack chat.

Emoji are not just for fun, however. Since they’ve become a part of our daily rhetoric, they’ve also become  [Read More…]

Google helps launch Sidewalk Labs, a start-up focused on improving city living

Google’s latest investment aims to improve life in the city with new technologies.

Google announced that it has co-created a new company focused on developing innovative technologies to improve cities. Called Sidewalk Labs, the company will tackle issues surrounding urban living, including more efficient transportation, reducing energy consumption, and lowering the cost of living.

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Sony’s ‘selfie’ focused phone launches tomorrow

Sony is getting set to launch a new smartphone that makes it easier to capture selfies. The device will be officially announced tomorrow, and while there aren’t any details as to what it will be called or its availability, an earlier leak suggested that the selfie-focused phone will be available in all major global markets.

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Razer’s gaming focused ‘micro-console’ is powered by Android TV, launching this fall

Razer’s getting into the connected entertainment market by announcing a micro-console powered by Android TV. Set to launch later this fall, Razer’s micro-console will be focused on gaming, and will be able to stream movies, music and other apps.

Security focused Blackphone decides on Tegra 4i

The super-security focused Blackphone was first announced at Mobile World Congress in February, but today we’re learning a little more about what makes it tick. Initial launch materials didn’t specify exactly which CPU would be powering the Blackphone, but today sees the announcement that it will in fact be a Tegra 4i.

Samsung event in Singapore on April 29, massive hints of photography focused phone

Samsung has publicly announced a media event in Singapore on April 29 with a definite photography feel to it. There’s also a giant K, and the use of the letter in “Kapture the moment” hinting that this letter is of importance. Possible name? Who knows, but this could well be the introduction of the previously leaked ‘Galaxy S5 Zoom.’

Samsung has posted the invite on its official Samsung Mobile twitter feed, further fuelling the photography focused  [Read More…]