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The June 2020 security patch is now rolling out to the Galaxy Fold

The Galaxy Fold 5G, however, will need to wait a while longer.

What you need to know Samsung is now propagating the June 2020 security patch to Galaxy Fold devices. The update comes mere days after the Galaxy S20, S10, and Note 10 series began receiving the update. The rollout for the 5G variant of the phone, however, has yet to start.

Yet another month, yet another security patch for Android devices. This time around, it’s the  [Read More…]

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 2 leak reveals a hole-punch camera, 120Hz display

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold sequel fixes niggling issues with the first model — if these rumors are accurate.

What you need to know More leaks of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 have emerged months before an expected release. The outer screen of the Fold 2 is said to be much bigger and capacious compared to the initial release, and the inner screen will jump in size as well as shift up to 120Hz. The Fold 2 is also  [Read More…]

Android 10 is finally rolling out to Samsung’s $2,000 Galaxy Fold

The update is currently rolling out only in France.

What you need to know After a long wait, the Android 10 update for the Samsung Galaxy Fold is finally rolling out. For now, the update is only available for the 4G version of the phone in France. The 5G version of the $ 2,000 foldable phone is expected to begin receiving the update in the coming days.

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Galaxy Fold 2 tipped to come equipped with an under-display selfie camera

Unsurprisingly, the Galaxy Fold 2 will not be as “affordable” as the Galaxy Z Flip.

What you need to know New reports suggest the Samsung Galaxy Fold sequel might come equipped with an under-screen selfie camera. In addition to an under-display selfie camera, the foldable is also expected to use ultra-thin glass (UTG). The foldable phone is apparently code-named Champ and is likely to launch in July.

Samsung took the wraps off its second foldable smartphone, the  [Read More…]

Samsung stopped carriers from bringing down Galaxy Fold prices

It wanted to preserve the Fold’s ‘premium’ image.

What you need to know Samsung has reportedly clamped down on South Korean carriers’ requests to lower the Fold’s pricing. The suggested drop in price was in anticipation of the Galaxy Z Flip’s impending launch. Samsung, however, felt a price drop would send the wrong message about the Galaxy Fold’s premium credentials.

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Galaxy Fold vs. Motorola RAZR: Which foldable phone should you buy?

Foldable flagship Samsung Galaxy Fold

$ 1,930 at Best Buy

Pros Top-tier specs Long battery life Massive real estate Great cameras Cons Fragile and not water-resistant Very expensive Cover screen is cramped

The Galaxy Fold is Samsung’s most ambitious phone yet, able to fold out from a thick, narrow phone-sized device with a small screen to a thin miniature tablet, and it all fits in your pocket. It has a whopping six cameras, flagship-tier specs, and  [Read More…]

Galaxy Z Flip will reportedly have a smaller battery than the Galaxy Fold

It will still have a bigger battery than the Motorola RAZR.

What you need to know A new leak has revealed that the Galaxy Fold 2 will come with a 3300mAh battery. The latest leak also corroborates a previous rumor that claimed the foldable phone will have an ultra-thin glass display. Rumored to be called Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung’s next foldable phone is expected to be launched on February 11.

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Samsung sold, at best, a modest 500K units of the Galaxy Fold in 2019

A Samsung exec confirmed sales for 2019 were somewhere between 400,000 and 500,000 units.

What you need to know Samsung sold, at most, half a million units of its first foldable in 2019. The number comes straight from the President and CEO of the company’s IT & Mobile Communication division. They follow a previously erroneous claim by Samsung Electronics’ President, Sohn Young-kwon, that the company had sold 1 million units in the three months since the phone’s  [Read More…]

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 may not feature the Snapdragon 865 SoC

It will apparently be powered by the older Snapdragon 855 in all markets.

What you need to know According to a new rumor, the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 will be powered by a Snapdragon 855 processor. The foldable phone will also reportedly feature a 10MP selfie camera. Samsung will be unveiling its second foldable phone alongside the Galaxy S11 at the upcoming Unpacked event on February 11.

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The Samsung Galaxy S20 and Fold 2 will be unveiled on February 11

Samsung’s newest phones will be unveiled a week ahead of MWC.

What you need to know Leaked promo video shows Samsung’s early 2020 unpacked event will happen on February 11. The company will unveil the new Galaxy S20 and a clamshell successor to the Galaxy Fold. It’s unclear where the event will take place, though it will likely be in New York of San Francisco.

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