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Latest Samsung Pay ad follows Hannibal Buress to Katz’s Deli for a mobile payment lesson

Samsung is really pushing the selling point that Samsung Pay is accepted just about everywhere your standard credit and debit cards are, and the latest ad for the service has comedian Hannibal Buress to show you how it works in the real world.

Katz’s Deli, a New York City institution historically thought of as “cash only,” is too busy offering up some of the best food in the city to bother with mobile payments, but its employees were  [Read More…]

HTC follows Samsung for April Fools’ joke, releases wearable for your hand

HTC can’t let everyone else have all the early April Fool’s fun, and they just had to show us a pair of smartgloves of their own.

Unlike Samsung’s imaginary smartgloves, HTC’s imaginary smartgloves feature an industrial design and Boomsound. And tiny holograms of cats. [HTC]


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Ice Cream Sandwich Easter Egg follows in Honeycomb’s footsteps

ICS Easter Egg

For those who hadn’t seen it yet: Yes, the Ice Cream Sandwich Easter Egg looks a little familiar. I’m still kind of partial to the Gingerbread Easter Egg myself.