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Forget the OnePlus 8, the OnePlus 6T is on sale from $280 today only

OnePlus strives to offer flagship-level devices at more affordable prices than manufacturers like Samsung or Apple, and the OnePlus 6T is an excellent example. This powerful smartphone normally sits just under $ 550 in price while retaining many of the same features you’d find in a device that regularly sells for upwards of $ 1,000 instead. Now, thanks to a limited time sale at Woot, you can pick up an unlocked OnePlus 6T from just $ 279.99. That’s around half  [Read More…]

Forget NFC, Amazon wants you to pay in stores with your hand

The payment solution is still in its early stages.

What you need to know Amazon is working on a new solution that will allow consumers to pay for purchases at stores using their palm. The payments system will make it possible for individuals to link their card information to their hands. Amazon will reportedly pitch the checkout terminals to fast-food restaurants, coffee shops, and other stores.

A report published by New York Post in September last year  [Read More…]

Forget ANC and give me a stronger connection to my earbuds

I carry both an Android and an iPhone, but I only keep one set of headphones on me. When it was time to go wireless, I tried a number of different pairs, and ended up settling on a set of AirPods. I mostly loved them — past tense, because I ran them through the washing machine and they died. This is a problem that wireless earbuds will need to fix, and I suspect that true waterproofing will come  [Read More…]

Forget foldable phones, here’s a circular one with two headphone jacks

The Cyrcle phone takes its shape very seriously indeed.

What you need to know Tech startup Cyrcle is showing off its prototype Android phone at CES 2020. It’s got Android 9, two headphone jacks, and two SIM cards. Battling against the rectangle conspiracy, Cyrcle’s new phone is also a circle.

While some argue that it might be hip to be square, tech startup Cyrcle seems to have a vendetta against rectangles in general. The company showed off  [Read More…]

Forget the OnePlus 7T — here’s why you should get the Axon 10 Pro

OnePlus isn’t the only company making sub-$ 500 flagships.

With flagships from Samsung, Google, and others creeping to and beyond the $ 1000 marker, it’s no surprise that there’s a demand for “lite flagship” phones that offer a premium experience at a fraction of the cost.

This is a market OnePlus has dominated for years, with 2019 seeing the OnePlus 7 Pro and 7T further cementing the company at the top. However, that’s not to say other  [Read More…]

Forget waiting for Amazon, get your Samsung tablet from Walmart

When it comes to finding the “best” place to buy these Samsung Android tablets, the choices are bountiful, but you may be surprised that your local Walmart has many of these tablets available for pick-up. However, if you had to pick the perfect Samsung tablet, it would have to be the Galaxy Tab S5e with its flagship-level performance and design at a budget price point.

Best Overall: Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

It had been a little  [Read More…]

Never forget your wallet with one of these wallet cases for the Note 10

Wallet cases are perfect for larger phones; it just makes sense to combine the two things you probably reach for most often in your daily life down to one. It’s a great solution if you have limited space in your pocket or bag, and with the range of styles available, you’ll be able to find the one that fits your personal style and budget.

Leather wallet Snakehive Leather Wallet Case

Staff Pick

Should you be after  [Read More…]

Forget all about cable with Black Friday’s best deals for cord cutters

Cut the cord and never look back.

Trying to go the cable free route? Subscribing to the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video? Looking at the TV in your living room like it’s a giant paperweight compared to your smartphones and tablets? You need more ways to take advantage of your cord cutting habits. Give your TV a purpose again since you stopped paying for cable. And since the whole point was to stop paying so much money  [Read More…]

These Pixel 2 cases are so thin, you’ll forget they’re there

Cases can be bulky, boring, and ugly, so I can understand why so many choose to go naked and show off their phone’s full glory for the world to see. Even the thinnest of cases can offer some small protection from scuffs, chips, and smaller tumbles, and these ultra-thin cases for the Google Pixel 2 are so thin, you may even forget you’re wearing a case!

Like totally awesome Totallee Case

While it looks too thin  [Read More…]

Forget the OnePlus 6, here’s why you should buy the LG G7+ ThinQ in India

The LG G7+ ThinQ costs the same as the OnePlus 6 in India while delivering much more value for your money.

OnePlus gets all the attention in the premium segment in India, but if you’re looking for a device that offers the most amount of value for your money, then the LG G7+ should be at the top of your list. The phone is available in India for just ₹39,990, which is identical to what the 128GB  [Read More…]