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The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro can now record videos in HEVC format to save space

The latest OxygenOS update for the OnePlus 8 series includes the May 2020 security patch as well.

What you need to know OnePlus is rolling out a new OxygenOS update for the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro phones. The latest update comes with several new features, including support for encoding videos in the H.265 codec. The H.265 codec helps reduce the size of recorded videos without compromising on quality.

OnePlus is now rolling out a new OxygenOS  [Read More…]

This tool translates 112 languages in any format instantly

Technology is a global industry. For those working in it, that means you may be tasked with communicating across multiple languages. Whether your company works consistently with foreign language partners or you’re just doing a one-off project with an international team, it’s valuable to have translation services in place. When Google Translate isn’t enough, LingvaNex Translator takes you that extra mile.

LingvaNex Translator was named a #1 Product of the Week on Product Hunt and has earned a 4.4-star rating  [Read More…]

YouTube’s new VR180 format makes virtual reality easy to create

YouTube’s new VR180 video format bridges the gap between 2D and VR, and it’s going to be a big deal.

At VidCon 2017, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced some big things for the platform, including a mind-blowing statistic: 1.5 billion people watch YouTube videos monthly.

But one of the bigger topics discussed at the show was an upcoming video format called VR180, which combines virtual reality and regular old flat 2D content into a single video. Using  [Read More…]

How to format the microSD card in the Galaxy Note 7

The SD card slot is back with the Galaxy Note 7 — now here’s how you get started when you first pop it in.

microSD cards are hardly new to Samsung phones, but after the feature was removed in Note 5 we wouldn’t blame you if you’d forgotten the basics of using one in your phone. But Samsung has changed the software a bit in the Galaxy Note 7 as well, hiding a few basic features  [Read More…]

Google Docs on the web now lets you edit and format with your voice

Google Docs users on the web can now do a little more without touching a keyboard thanks to the addition of voice editing and formatting. Voice typing was added to Google Docs on the web in late 2015, but the latest improvements mean that users can now dictate edits and formatting changes with specific commands as well.

After enabling voice typing in the tools menu, you can say commands like “copy” or “insert table” to do those things  [Read More…]

Google joins forces with other tech giants to create next-generation video format

Google has joined forces with six other industry giants, including Microsoft, Amazon, and Mozilla, to form the Alliance for Open Media. The alliance’s main goal is to work together to create new open source formats and codecs for online video, audio, and other streaming media.

HTC One M9 can now take pictures in RAW format

HTC has updated its camera app in Google Play with a new and long-awaited feature — the ability to shoot pictures in the RAW format.

Much has been said about HTC’s camera in the M9, but it ultimately comes down to this: It can take some really good pictures, if you’re patient and don’t mind getting out of Auto mode and shooting more manually. And today M9 mobile photogs have gotten a pretty big boost to  [Read More…]

YouTube to replacing in-video annotations with new Cards format

Google has announced that it will slowly begin replacing annotations in YouTube videos with a new Cards format, which is designed to work on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Google said they heard from YouTube video creators they wanted more flexibility with the information shown during annotations, along with mobile support. The new Cards are the company’s solution to those issues.

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