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WhatsApp puts limits on message forwarding to curb COVID-19 misinformation

Starting today, WhatsApp messages can only be forwarded to one chat at a time.

What you need to know WhatsApp is tackling the spread of misinformation on its platform by putting limits on message forwarding. Starting today, users can only forward messages to one chat at a time. WhatsApp is also teaming up with local governments and NGOs over a coronavirus information hub.

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WhatsApp should disable message forwarding to curb misinformation

WhatsApp forwards are uncontrollable, and the only way to curb misinformation is to remove the feature entirely.

WhatsApp has over 2 billion users globally, and over a quarter of those — just over 500 million — are from India alone. Affordable cellular data services combined with an influx of decent budget phones allowed WhatsApp to thrive, and usage of the Facebook-owned platform is ubiquitous across the country.

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Call forwarding not working on Project Fi? It’s not just you, and there’s a fix

If you’re using Project Fi, this past week you may have noticed incoming calls no longer forwarding to your non-Fi phones as you had previously set up. Don’t worry, you’re not alone — but thankfully this isn’t call forwarding being “down” as much as it’s an unintentional wiping out of your call forwarding settings.

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Google Voice lands MMS to email forwarding support


One of the most heavily requested features for Google Voice has undoubtedly been MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) support. The Google Voice app for Android has been tackling voice and text with ease for quite some time now, but pictures have always been an issue for the service. Thanks to a clever workaround from the Google Voice team, that’s becoming a thing of the past.

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