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Huawei P40 Pro found to contain U.S. parts in spite of blacklist

A teardown of the P40 Pro has revealed that Huawei is using components made by U.S. companies.

What you need to know A Huawei P40 Pro teardown by the Financial Times found that the phone still features hardware from U.S. entities. The device has RF front-end modules and antennas from Qualcomm, Skyworks, and Qorvo. At this point, it isn’t clear if Skyworks and Qorvo secured licenses to supply the parts to Huawei.

Huawei’s inclusion in the U.S.  [Read More…]

Ring app for Android found to be ‘packed’ with third-party data trackers

The data sent by the Ring app helps analytics and tracking companies form a clear picture of your device.

What you need to know An investigation by EFF has revealed that the Ring doorbell app for Android is packed with third-party trackers. The trackers reportedly send out sensitive information such as the customers’ names, sensor data, private IP addresses, and more. Ring app has been found to send information to four main analytics and marketing companies –  [Read More…]

Israeli cybersecurity company found serious vulnerabilities in TikTok

They were discovered in November last year and fixed in December.

What you need to know An Israeli cybersecurity firm found serious vulnerabilities in popular video app tikTok. They would have allowed hackers to manipulate user data and reveal personal information. TikTok was notified about the problems on November 20 last year and fixed them in December.

An Israeli cybersecurity firm found serious vulnerabilities in popular video app TikTok, that unchecked, could have allowed hackers to manipulate  [Read More…]

Ring found hiding coordinates in Neighbors posts that pinpoint its cameras

Turns out Neighbors users are sharing more than bobcat photos and racist complaints

What you need to know Gizmodo found coordinate data hidden in posts from Ring cameras to Ring’s Neighbors service. Tens of thousands of cameras were mapped using available data. The scope of Ring’s potential surveillance network becomes more apparent.

After coming out strong against Ring Video Doorbells a week ago, tech site Gizmodo has published results of an investigation of more than 65,000 posts  [Read More…]

We found a car charger for every occasion, and they’re all under $20

Stay charged up for a tiny price.

If you drive, there’s no reason not to have a car charger available to keep your (or your passenger’s) phone charged up while you’re on the road. A car charger is even more important if you’re using Google Maps or Waze to navigate, which will really drain the battery. Car chargers come in many shapes and sizes, but I’ve rounded up a great selection of chargers that can meet everyone’s needs —  [Read More…]

Does the OnePlus 7T win over the OnePlus 7? Here’s what we found

OnePlus 7T

Smooth operator

₹37,999 at Amazon India

Pros 90Hz flat display Stereo sound 30W fast charging Android 10 out of the box Latest internal hardware Cons No 3.5mm jack No IP rating No wireless charging

The OnePlus 7T offers a similar design aesthetic as the OnePlus 7, but has big upgrades on the hardware front, including a 90Hz display. You also get Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855+ chipset, 30W fast charging, same great stereo sound, better  [Read More…]

Flaw found in Bluetooth Titan Security Keys, Google is replacing them

Keep using your key for now, but grab the free replacement just in case.

What you need to know This only affects the Bluetooth version of the Titan Key. Google is offering a free replacement for every user. The key will stop working with the iOS 12.3 update. The key will stop working with the June 2019 Security Patch for Android.

Google has issued an advisory for users of the Bluetooth version of its Titan Security Key  [Read More…]

Huawei networking equipment for Vodafone found to have hidden backdoors

Yet another bad look for Huawei’s global image.

Huawei’s current presence in the global technology space is…not great. It’s already banned in four major countries across the world, and thanks to a new report from Bloomberg, the image of the company is once again headed in the wrong direction.

Speaking with Bloomberg, Vodafone confirmed that it discovered vulnerabilities in Huawei-made equipment that it was using in 2011 and 2012. Per the report:

Europe’s biggest phone company identified  [Read More…]

I’ve found my new favorite Chromebook, and it’s a “budget” model

This cheap white knight is more useful to me than a $ 1,000 Pixelbook.

“The best camera is the one you have with you” is a phrase we toss out a lot on the age of smartphone photography. And while the adage isn’t nearly as cut and dry with all computing, I’ve found it 110% true when it comes to Chromebooks. There’s a $ 900 powerhouse sitting in my apartment — and a repaired $ 1,000 Pixelbook  [Read More…]

Every Oculus Go game we’ve found that doesn’t work

Did Oculus REALLY mean it when they said Go had over 1000 games?

When the Oculus Go was released we were told there was going to be over 1,000 games and apps for us to play around in. Yet from the moment I received my I’ve been experiencing quite a bit of error messages when trying to get into games. That or the controls for games straight up don’t work.

This got me wondering how many of  [Read More…]