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Amazon ordered to stop shipping non-essential products in France

Amazon’s working conditions have been criticized as a “health bomb” by workers.

What you need to know Amazon has been ordered to limit its shipping to essential times in France within the next 24 hours. The company is to institute measures aimed at preserving employee safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. This restriction will last for 30 days, with a ₤1 million fine issued for violations.

Amazon France has been ordered to ship only essential products for the  [Read More…]

Horizon Zero Dawn PC listing appears on Amazon France

PC gamers might get to play one of Sony’s biggest PlayStation 4 exclusives soon.

What you need to know A listing for a PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn showed up on Amazon France earlier today. A prior report indicated that Horizon Zero Dawn would be coming to PC. Sony is also directly publishing Predator: Hunting Grounds on PC.

More and more evidence is slowly starting to build for Horizon Zero Dawn coming to PC. A listing  [Read More…]

Disney+ comes to UK, France, Italy, and Spain March 31, 2020

The second batch of Disney+ countries has been announced, but it’s almost half a year away.

What you need to know Disney has announced that Disney+ will be coming to a number of countries in Western Europe March 31, 2020. The United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Italy have been confirmed for this launch window with more “to be announced soon”. Available titles will vary by country.

During today’s Investor Call, Disney announced that Disney+ would be coming  [Read More…]

Google’s Titan Security Key arrives in Canada, France, Japan, and the UK

The bundle includes both a USB and Bluetooth hardware key.

What you need to know Google’s Titan Security Key Bundle is now available for purchase in Canada, France, Japan, and the UK. The bundle includes a USB and Bluetooth hardware key that are used in two-factor authentication. It retails for $ 50 in the U.S. and is sold for a similar price in other countries.

Nearly a year ago, Google started selling its Titan Security Key Bundle  [Read More…]

Google’s RCS Chat features now rolling out to phones in the UK and France

Now the question remains — which countries are next?

What you need to know Google’s RCS Chat features are now live in the UK and France. They enable read receipts, typing indicators, messaging over Wi-Fi, and more. We don’t know which countries Google will offer this to next.

On June 17, Google announced a big shift for its RCS Chat messaging plans. Rather than waiting on carriers to slowly add support for the messaging standard, Google is now  [Read More…]

Essential Phone expands to the UK, France, and Japan

You can also buy the phone from Essential.com in Canada.

It’s been almost a year since the Essential Phone was first revealed last May, and during that time, we’ve seen countless software updates that have continually made the phone better and better. Now, Essential is bringing the phone and all of its accessories to France, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

The Essential Phone has only been available in the United States and Canada, so this expanded release  [Read More…]

Google and Apple are being sued by France for ‘abusive’ developer contracts

France is also seeking to close tax loopholes that the companies are using.

On Wednesday, March 14, France announced that it was filing a lawsuit against Google and Apple as a result of unfair treatment for app/software developers in the country.

The lawsuit is seeking fines of $ 2.5 million USD (or 2 million euros in the country), and it cites that the two tech giants have created “abusive” contractual agreements for startups and developers in France.

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Google Wifi comes to France at €139, or €249 for a two-pack

Another country gets clean home Wi-Fi management from Google.

Google Wifi is extending its sales network to a new country, landing in France today. The mesh router system is going on sale at a variety of retailers, including the Google Store, Cdiscount, Boulanger and more.

A single Google Wifi point will set you back €139, which is a touch higher than the $ 129 here in the U.S. Interestingly, there’s no three-pack discount option in France, only  [Read More…]

Samsung France takes Note 7 apology one step further, sends 128GB microSD cards to previous owners

Samsung has apologized and offered refunds and gift cards to all Galaxy Note 7 owners, but apparently that wasn’t enough for some of Samsung’s regional branches.

Samsung France is sending letters with another apology to former Note 7 owners. Inside the letter is a 128GB microSD card, which is a great touch on Samsung’s part. There’s also info on a contest the company is running.

Samsung France is sending 1,000 people to the Samsung Life Changer Park, a virtual reality amusement park  [Read More…]

Pokémon Go launch in France delayed due to Nice attack

Niantic has confirmed that its augmented reality game Pokémon GO will have its launch in France delayed out of respect to the victims of the attack in its city in Nice last week.

While the highly popular game officially launched in 26 more countries today as part of a big European rollout, France was not among them. IGN France got a (translated) statement from Niantic on the decision to delay the launch in that country:

As  [Read More…]