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Bill Gates skeptical of regulators breaking up tech giants

What you need to know Bill Gates expressed skepticism toward the idea of breaking up tech giants in a new interview. Speaking to Bloomberg, Gates came out more in favor of regulating bad practices, stating that he only sees a “narrow set of things” that he thinks a break up would be the “right answer to.” Gates’ comments come after the U.S. government announced an antitrust probe of Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple.

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Bill Gates calls losing mobile race to Android his ‘greatest mistake ever’

Gates says the non-Apple portion of the mobile space “was a natural thing for Microsoft to win.”

What you need to know Bill Gates says that his biggest mistake at Microsoft was losing the mobile space to Android. Gates saw the non-Apple standard for the mobile market as a “natural thing for Microsoft to win.” While Gates sees Microsoft as a leading company right now, he believes it could be the leading company had it got mobile  [Read More…]

GDC 2014: Gates of Osiris to offer space bug blasting and gritty sci-fi survival

Among our many game demos at GDC 2014 was Gates of Osiris from indie developer Fenix Fire. Players mount up in a rover to patrol their base and precious resources and blow away any alien life forms that may be threatening your continued existence on the post-Earth planet. Resources are used to expand your base, repair your vehicles, and otherwise make it another day without getting sucked into the vacuum of space.

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