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Arkane Studios’ work on immersive sims shouldn’t be lost next generation

The studio celebrates its 20th anniversary as we look forward to its bright future.

Arkane Studios celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, but the path hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Its tumultuous past is fraught with game cancellations and near-bankruptcy, documented by Noclip in “The Untold History of Arkane,” before the studio found success in 2012’s Dishonored. This kicked off a sort of renaissance period for Arkane, which went on to make a sequel and a re-imagining  [Read More…]

Review: Ready for Final Fantasy 7 to define yet another generation?

I’ve just come out of the other side of Final Fantasy VII Remake. I am blown away.

As I write this, I have quite literally just finished Final Fantasy VII Remake, which has been in development at Square Enix for several years.

Based on the legendary title of the same name from 1997, a potential Final Fantasy VII Remake had been rumored for well over a decade before finally breaking cover at E3 back in 2015. The  [Read More…]

Google wants the next generation of chatbots to be actually funny

She’s called Meena — and she does not meander.

What you need to know The Brain Team at Google Research outlined a new type of chatbot in a paper published earlier this week. Named Meena, this virtual talker was explicitly designed to address chatbots’ seeming inability to understand the broader context of conversations. It can also be funny, sometimes.

Meena, what Google Brain’s research team so callously described as a “multi-turn open-domain chatbot” — she’s got feelings,  [Read More…]

Jiggle Physics Podcast #19: Console Wars: The Next Generation

eSports based on Activision Blizzard games are coming exclusively to YouTube through a new partnership with Google. Carli, Rebecca, and Jen also examine the next wave of console wars and why specs don’t really matter. On a related note, they discuss why Nintendo doesn’t have much to fear from PS5 and Xbox Series X even though they may be working on a Switch Pro.

Finally, Carli has spent some time playing Doom Eternal. As has been the  [Read More…]

Death Stranding is the biggest debut of any new IP in Japan this generation

Great opening numbers in Japan.

What you need to know Death Stranding recently released on PlayStation 4. According to Game Data Library, which compiles video game sales information in Japan, Death Stranding had the best opening sales of any IP this generation. Per Game Data Library, Death Stranding sold 185,909 copies in Japan so far, more than any other new IP in an equivalent timeframe. You can grab Death Stranding for $ 60 from Amazon.

Death Stranding  [Read More…]

Should you get the Fire TV Cube or the previous generation?

Fire TV Cube (2019)

Internal Upgrades

$ 120 at Amazon

Pros New and improved processor New features like Local Voice Control and Dolby Vision Available in more countries 4K HDR support Cons Most expensive Fire TV streaming box No external storage support

The Fire TV Cube (2019) has upgraded internals from last year’s device for increased speed and performance. It also added some key features like Local Voice Control for on-device processing and Dolby Vision  [Read More…]

No Man’s Sky may be the comeback story of the generation

More developers should follow Hello Games’ perseverance.

No Man’s Sky was reviled when it launched three years ago. For all of the hype that the once PlayStation console exclusive garnered — it made waves by being featured on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert — it spectacularly failed to meet expectations at a level that’s nearly unheard of; It was review bombed, became the source of endless ridicule, and was a cautionary tale of how player expectations  [Read More…]

Snap refuses to give up on Spectacles as it unveils a third generation

What you need to know Snap unveiled Spectacles 3, the latest generation of its camera-clad sunglasses. Among the key changes is a better secondary camera, tweaked design, built-in 3D effects and two slick new colors. Spectacles 3 will go on sale in November for $ 380.

The new sunglasses add a secondary HD camera that captures depth and two slick new colors.

Snap today unveiled the Spectacles 3, the latest generation of its famed sunglasses that puts  [Read More…]

Should you buy the Nest 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat?

Best answer: The Learning Thermostat can quickly pay itself off and allows you to regulate your home’s temperature from anywhere, but unless you’re dead set on the stainless steel design, Nest’s cheaper Thermostat E is a more practical buy.

Best Buy: Nest Thermostat E ($ 169) Amazon: Nest Learning Thermostat ($ 217) Why get a smart thermostat in the first place?

Smart thermostats like the Nest Learning Thermostat are some of the most practical ways to get  [Read More…]

Volvo Polestar 2 to debut next generation Android-powered head unit

The next generation of Android-powered car stereos is coming soon.

Android has been powering car stereos for years in different forms in fashions, and many cars on the road today like my 2018 Honda CR-V run thir infotainment systems on an Android head unit, but the versions of Android used here are older, and they require a large amount of modification to run properly. Google has been working on building better Android infotainment systems for years, and the fruits  [Read More…]