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Days Gone crosses over with Death Stranding in a new update

Decorate your bike with a baby pod. You know you want to.

What you need to know Days Gone received a new update today. Part of the update was a Death Stranding crossover, which adds a unique BB baby tank for your bike. This update comes the day before Death Stranding releases worldwide. You can grab Days Gone for $ 34 at Amazon.

Days Gone has a new update out today, one that adds an amusing crossover.  [Read More…]

The world of Days Gone gets a New Game Plus mode later this month

Find more difficulty options and challenge in the New Game+ mode in Days Gone later in September.

What you need to know Days Gone is an open-world game developed by SIE Bend Studio, a part of Sony Worldwide Studios. After the game’s release, Bend has been adding different challenges as free DLC. Days Gone is getting a New Game Plus mode and more difficulty options in a free update, set for later in September Days Gone is  [Read More…]

RIP BlackBerry Messenger: Gone, but not forgotten

It’s been a long time coming, but the day is finally here. BlackBerry will pull the plug on BlackBerry Messenger (the consumer version) at the end of the day today, and while we know you likely don’t use it anymore, BBM was a big part of the past for many. It hasn’t been the center of attention in a long time, and if we’re being honest, people haven’t really even talked about it all that much in the  [Read More…]

Here are several tips to help you start your journey in Days Gone

Days Gone can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

The world in Days Gone is rife with threats, and it can easily get the best of you if you’re not careful. We have a few tips to keep your journey as least frustrating as possible. But should you want that extra challenge, you’re always free to play on hard and alert the horde. It’s your funeral.

Disable NERO checkpoint speakers Take out infestations during the  [Read More…]

Sons of Anarchy meets The Walking Dead in Days Gone for PlayStation 4

Zombies, biker gangs, and environmental warfare.

Back in 2016, Sony’s E3 press conference ended with a teaser for what we now know is Days Gone. It’s a post-apocalyptic survival game that features zombie-like hordes known as Freakers. They’re massive in numbers and they’re especially menacing in the cold.

But what happened? Why did they turn? What does the future hold for civilization? Those are questions we’ll get answers to in due time, but for now, let’s focus  [Read More…]

How to tell when your phone’s battery has gone bad

Unlike diamonds, batteries aren’t forever. Here’s how to tell if yours is ready for a ride to the recycling center.

You’ll find plenty of online discussions, whether in forums or articles on websites like this one, about phone batteries. Almost all of them are about charging and stretching out the time between charging. That’s important information to know but there is also another problem you might face, especially if you keep the same phone for a couple  [Read More…]

Android Oreo’s annoying ‘app is using battery’ notification is gone in Android P

Thank goodness.

In Android Oreo, Google introduced a new way to “shame” apps, for lack of a better term, that were running in the background unnecessarily and draining your phone’s battery. The goal was to give a persistent notification that said “[app] is using battery” whenever that app was running in the background without actually providing anything to you, in hopes that you would track down the issue and stop it … at least, that was the  [Read More…]

ZTE is DOA, but has the U.S. government gone too far?

ZTE no longer has a viable smartphone program thanks to U.S. sanctions, but was it a fair decision?

The U.S. government has basically killed ZTE’s smartphone business by blocking access to Google’s services. There are a lot of headlines that talk about the ban in different ways, but when you get right down to the nitty-gritty that is what you are left with.

The short version is this: ZTE was caught (and admitted to) selling mobile equipment  [Read More…]

What to use for Social VR now that AltSpace is gone

You left too soon, AltSpace.

In the massive spectrum of apps you can experience in VR, social VR is often the most interesting. So many games played on consoles and phones are deeply social now, with multiplayer as the default and exciting ways to share games together in person, but doing all of that in VR is a little more complicated. Not every headset lets you get up and walk around, but every VR experience in a  [Read More…]

ZUS USB-C cable review: A decent right-angle cable that should’ve gone further

There are lots of USB-C cables on the market. This one is a little bit different.

With more Type-C Android phones being released all the time, a lot of folks will be stocking up on spare cables. This last month, ZUS has been making a lot of noise about a new unique series of cables, with a successful Indiegogo having concluded on Monday. Their cable is reinforced and protected with Kevlar, but that’s not the only  [Read More…]