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Spotify Kids hands parents more control as it lands in Japan and Germany

Spotify’s Kids app remains in beta, but refinement continues.

What you need to know Spotify now gives parents more control over what content their kids can access. In the Kids app, parents can now block certain songs or albums. Spotify Kids will also now be made available in Germany and Japan as the rollout continues.

Spotify continues to develop its Kids app, an offshoot of its premium service that’s aimed to give parents a child-friendly subset of  [Read More…]

Keep your hands germ-free with this multipurpose brass stylus

You no longer need to be an obsessive germaphobe in order to understand and appreciate the importance of good hygiene. Thanks to the unexpected outbreak of the coronavirus, the entire country has been forced to remain extremely vigilant when it comes to going outside and interacting with the world, and washing your hands twelve times a day can only go so far if you’re constantly touching surfaces that have been potentially infected.

The Safe Touch N Go: Contact-Less Keychain  [Read More…]

Keep your hands germ-free with this antimicrobial stylus

Keeping your hands washed and germ-free has never been so important. As we continue to ride out the unexpected and increasingly worrisome coronavirus pandemic, federal and local governments are encouraging citizens to consistently wash their hands and avoid touching their faces—important sanitary measures that will undoubtedly help reduce the transmission rate of the virus.

But these standard sanitation methods can only go so far if you’re constantly touching surfaces that may be contaminated. The Hygiene Hand: Antimicrobial Brass Door  [Read More…]

Wear OS now nags you to wash your hands every three hours

You can choose to disable the alerts if you find the “feature” to be annoying.

What you need to know The Clock app on Wear OS has started sending periodic alerts to users to remind them to wash their hands. When you open an alert, the app will start a timer for 40 seconds and remind you to always use soap. The reminders can be disabled by holding down on the notification.

Google added a new Assistant  [Read More…]

You may not get your hands on a Galaxy S20 until a month after its launch

The shipping date is reportedly set at March 13.

What you need to know Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy S20 series at its Unpacked event on February 11. Fans may not be able to get their hands on the phones for at least a month after that date. Multiple sources claim device shipments will commence on March 13.

With the reveal of the phones’ expected pricing, I’m sure many of you are already considering whether  [Read More…]

Save your hands and your money with this Cyber Monday PopSockets deal

While we’re waiting on The Child plushies, these PopSockets can give us some adorable-ness on our phones.

PopSockets is proud of its product, and while the more generic colors and designs may see occasional deals, the PopCulture cuteness featuring Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and only see discounts during sitewide sales like Cyber Monday. There’s thousands of PopGrips to sift through on PopSockets.com, but we’ve got the cutest and the coolest of the PopCulture for you to grab before  [Read More…]

Android 10 puts privacy controls into users hands like never before

When it comes to privacy, more is always better.

There are a lot of changes to enhance our privacy while we’re on our phones in Android 10.

These aren’t the big user-facing features that manage to get all the press and win hearts and minds or anything like that, but the might be the most important changes to Android in recent memory. We store our lives on our phones, and anything that keeps prying eyes off of  [Read More…]

T-Mobile and AT&T join hands to combat robocalls

The new call authentication technology is aimed at protecting U.S. mobile customers from the robocall menace.

What you need to know T-Mobile and AT&T have rolled out cross-network call authentication based on SHAKEN/STIR standards to protect their consumers from robocalls. SHAKEN/STIR technology makes it possible for people to know whether or not an incoming call is actually coming from the number being shown on the caller ID display. In June this year, the FCC voted to allow  [Read More…]

OnePlus 7 Pro Almond hands on: Natural beauty

The color is available today for $ 699.

It’s been a little under a month since OnePlus took the wraps off of the OnePlus 7 Pro during its NYC launch event. When the phone was unveiled, OnePlus showed it off in three colors — Mirror Gray and Nebula Blue have been available since day one, but the striking Almond hue has simply been shown as “coming soon.”

As of Tuesday, June 11, OnePlus is ready to get  [Read More…]

ASUS has another winner on its hands with the Chromebook Flip C434

Backlit keys, thin bezels, and excellent split-screening make this the perfect Chromebook for users that want to get it all done in style.

Chromebooks still have a reputation for being low-spec, low-priced machines with little-to-no upkeep, but where Chrome really shines is when you put in something that has real get-up-and-go. Chrome OS runs great on mediocre hardware, so when you introduce a great processor and plenty of RAM, you get a lightning-fast, no-strings-attached computer that can  [Read More…]