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How to connect an accessory to Samsung Health

Connecting an accessory to Samsung Health makes tracking your progress easier than ever.

Samsung Health aims to be your one-stop-shop for tracking your health and exercise. While it contains plenty of features within the app to track things, you can also connect compatible accessories that will help you in this endeavor. Whether you’re hoping to know what your fastest mile is or precisely how far you biked, you can do it all by connecting the right accessory.  [Read More…]

How to get started with Samsung Health

Samsung Health is filled with plenty of great features for you to utilize, but first you need to get set up.

When it comes to trying to get healthier, there are tons of apps out there that can help you in one avenue or another. Samsung Health, previously S Health, is an all in one app here to help you build better habits, and track the habits you already have. While there is a lot going on  [Read More…]

Health Canada working with Samsung over Note 7 recall; finds 70 reported failures in the U.S.

When Samsung kicked off the global recall for the Note 7, the company said that it found over 35 reported instances of battery malfunctions around the globe. That number has increased to more than 70 in the U.S., according to a new report published by the Canadian government.

Samsung asked customers in the U.S. to voluntarily turn in their Note 7 earlier this month, and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is now getting involved in  [Read More…]

Feet on: Withings Body Cardio Scale adds tons of sensors for better health

This scale might be the only connected health gadget you need.

Connected health tech usually is all about strapping gadgets to your body in order to feed data to an app on your phone. Wear this thing when you run, this thing when you sleep, this thing when you go swimming, and so on until you’re never not wearing some kind of connected health bauble. Using data to help keep yourself healthy is great, but sometimes  [Read More…]

Amazon Echo can now answer questions about your child’s health, recite haikus and more

The Amazon Echo has been gaining new features each week, and this week is KidsMD integration for answering questions about your child’s medication dosages and more. With this, you can get answers from doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital as to whether the symptoms merit a doctor’s visit or not. Keep in mind, while it’s a cool thing to do to be able to ask your speaker for medical advice, please remember to actually take your kids to the doctors when  [Read More…]

League CEO Mike Serbinis on making a mobile-focused health and wellness platform

High-level healthcare systems are still clumsy and terrible.

I would consider my healthcare situation relatively tech savvy, for what it is. I don’t have a Google Glass-wielding tech-focused doctor or anything, but it’s not bad. My doctor is cool enough to use an app for making appointments and sending over requests. She emails me test results and will gladly send a text message when the need arises. She’s a rarity in the medical industry, and a  [Read More…]

Pebble introduces Health API for developers, adds custom canned replies

Pebble is pushing out an update that enables some new functionality for its recently-announced Health app, as well as improvements to replying to messages from your wrist. First up is a new Health API that allows developers to hook related information into their watchfaces and apps. Additionally, Health has become more accurate in tracking your data, and it now gives you the option to show your step distance in kilometers.

You can now reply to incoming  [Read More…]

Samsung’s S Health is now available for all Android smartphones

Samsung’s feature-laden fitness tracking app, S Health, is now available for all Android smartphones, regardless of the manufacturer.

This is Google’s new health tracker that you won’t be able to buy

Google has unveiled an experimental new health tracker built for medical studies.

Google has revealed a new health-focused, wearable device built to provide accurate patient data to doctors and those running clinical trials. Built by the Google X division, the device is not intended as a consumer product, and will instead be prescribed by medical institutions.

[Read More…]

Samsung’s activity tracking app S Health is now available on the Play Store

Following Motorola and HTC, Samsung has started to decouple its exclusive apps and launch them on the Play Store, making it easier for users to update to new versions when they’re available.