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Stay healthy with free Fitbit workouts on YouTube

Now you can access tons of great Fitbit workout content for free on YouTube.

What you need to know Fitbit added over 15 free workouts and activities to its YouTube channel. Options include HIIT, core, and visualizations. This is part of Fitbit’s efforts to promote wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, Fitbit dropped over 15 free workouts and mindfulness sessions on its YouTube channel, making the content free for all who want to watch and follow along.

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Get big discounts on these fitness apps that can help you stay active and healthy at home

Exercise is something that we all need, but also something that most of us dread. But breaking a sweat is integral to boosting our immune system, which we all need — especially now. But since most gyms across the country are temporarily shut down, we have no choice but to make our homes double as makeshift fitness centers.

If you’re not keen on relying on your trainer’s free Instagram lives for workouts, you can get your fitness fix  [Read More…]

Your Fitbit can keep you healthy (and sane) during forced isolation

Fitbit’s app and devices can help you remember to practice self-care.

It’s still early on in the pandemic here in the U.S., and folks are just getting used to the idea of working from home, keeping indoors more than ever, and the concept of self-isolation. Even those of us who are introverts and have worked at home for years are chaffing at these increased restrictions. It can be hard for all of us to remember during this  [Read More…]

A robot vacuum is a work-from-home companion that can keep you healthy

Everyone wants a house free from sickness. It’s a no-brainer scenario. But while people are talking about cleaning the things that hands touch daily, like doorknobs and sink handles, very little attention is being paid to the floor you walk on. That’s because, as a culture, we’re just not very aware of what’s going on under our shoes. Paying attention to this critical detail could be a big way to prevent illnesses from entering your home in the  [Read More…]

Samsung forecasts healthy Q3 profits on the back of Galaxy Note 10 sales

Samsung says it made a profit of $ 6.4 billion this quarter.

What you need to know In its Q3 2019 earnings guidance, Samsung is forecasting a profit of $ 6.4 billion. Overall revenue for the quarter is at $ 51.3 billion, with the mobile business gaining momentum. We’ll get a full breakdown later this month, but the profit forecast is $ 800 million more than what Samsung managed in Q2 2019.

After enjoying record-breaking quarters for  [Read More…]

Latest IDC numbers show Xiaomi carving out a healthy lead in India

With a market share of 29.7%, Xiaomi is extending its lead over Samsung.

The latest IDC numbers for the second quarter of 2018 show Xiaomi building on its lead in the country. Xiaomi overtook Samsung at the end of last year to become India’s largest smartphone manufacturer, and IDC’s Q2 2018 figures show the company dominating in the online space. Xiaomi accounted for over 56% of all sales in the online segment, and with the company’s increased  [Read More…]

Morning brief: Allo arrives, HTC is up to something, and Xiaomi wants us to be healthy

You can now play around with Google Assistant, HTC is working a couple of interesting phones, and LeEco’s Snapdragon 821 monster is here.

Today’s turning out to be a wacky Wednesday, in large part thanks to the launch of Allo. The messaging service is giving us a first look at what’s capable with the Google Assistant, and thus far, I’m liking what’s on offer. In other Google news, Maps and Drive have received usability updates, and  [Read More…]

Samsung wants you to be healthy, announces new hardware platform

Today at a health-focused event in San Francisco, Samsung has shown off a new advanced wearable health tracker, the SIMBAND (we’ll just call it Simband from here on out). The device, which straps onto your wrist like about half of the wearables out there today, users a variety of sensors to track your heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, hydration, and more, all in real time and historically. The device was created as part of a partnership  [Read More…]

Samsung to hold healthy media event on May 28

Smartphones aren’t the only pieces of kit consumers are going crazy for these days. Wearable tech, including products that monitor health, are becoming the must-have gadgets. Samsung already has the Gear Fit, but if an invite to an event in San Francisco on May 28th is anything to go by, the South Korean manufacturer isn’t quite done with this market just yet. According to the invitation, Samsung is looking to start a “new conversation around health”.

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