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Latest Android platform version numbers show KitKat on the rise, Honeycomb finally gone

Right on cue, Google has released the latest platform versions numbers for Android. They’re largely in line with what you’d expect — KitKat increases at the expense of older OS versions. But Android 2.3 Gingerbread — arguably the version that saw Android come into its own — is still hanging in there. Here’s how it breaks down for the seven days that ended June 4th:

Android 4.4 KitKat: 13.6 percent, up from 8.5 percent at the beginning of May.  [Read More…]

ZTE Optik Honeycomb tablet coming to Sprint with a $99 price tag

ZTE Optik

The ZTE Optik just made an appearance in the latest issue of the Sprint Playbook, and it’s coming in at the right price.  Because Sprint is dropping their Wimax support and building out their new LTE network, this one is going to be a 3G-only device, and at $ 99 with a new agreement, of course, it’s bound to turn a few heads.  (Or not, we suppose. We’ll see.) Its specs  [Read More…]

Wifi-only HTC Flyer gets its Honeycomb update

HTC Flyer

HTC a month ago said the Honeycomb update was finally coming soon to the HTC Flyer tablet. And today the Taiwanese manufacturer is making good on that promise, as the update has begun to push out. You’ll be updated to Android 3.2, and we’re already hearing reports of more smoothness, the disappearance of wallpaper lag and other overall coolness.

The question at this point is whether we’ll see the Flyer  [Read More…]

MotoActv rooted and running Honeycomb launcher, much smoother than we would think (Update)


We have been hearing about Google testing some smart watches, lately. The idea of being able to access your messages, social networks, apps, and other features from your wrist seems quite convenient. Manufacturers haven’t quite found the right equation for these devices, though.

Most of these gadgets are very limited, expensive or simply not hitting the right spot for our tech-hungry stomachs. It seems like waiting for Google’s response might be  [Read More…]

MOTOACTV wristwatch morphed into mini Honeycomb Tablet

MOTOACTV wristwatch morphed into mini Honeycomb Tablet

You know the Android-powered MOTOACTV wristwatch that I seem to always write about? Well, a developer by the name of Chris Wade, has morphed this tiny Android device into a mini tablet running Honeycomb. Yes, you heard right. This dude started tinkering  [Read More…]

EVO View 4G Honeycomb update officially official, and easy instructions to unbrick now available

View 4G

Sprint has made the EVO View 4G update we told you about earlier official, with a press announcement that gives a bit more detail about what to expect.  Besides the normal Honeycomb features, and the disabling of the capacitive buttons, the 3.2 update for the View also supports system-wide support for HTC Scribe — including document signature capture from ActSoft.  We’ve got the press release after the break.

And do note that  [Read More…]

Engadget Distro arrives for Honeycomb tablets


Our pals at Engadget (hey, pals!) have their sweet little Engadget Distro, which curates its content in magazine-like fashion. And it’s now available on Android. It was previously released only for iOS, so it’s great to see an Android version. If you’re a fan of Engadget or tech news in general, you’ll want to check this app out. It looks great on Honeycomb tablets.

The app features are:

Weekly, curated content from Engadget,  [Read More…]

Honeycomb OTA for the HTC EVO View 4G rolling out, rooted users beware

EVO View 4G

The Android 3.2.1 update for the HTC EVO View 4G is in the midst of a rollout, bringing Honeycomb and a new “virtual and holographic user interface” to the 7-inch HTC tablet.  The official change log reads:

Physical Hard keys replaced with on screen Soft keys New Google search, available on every page System Bar: Quick access to notifications, status, and soft navigation buttons available at the bottom of the screen  [Read More…]

Archos announces the 70b Internet tablet, Honeycomb priced under $200

Archos 70b

Archos has been around for quite a while, but they are looking to break into the Android tablet market in a big way with their 70b Internet Tablet, which features Honeycomb and checks in at $ 199.  We don’t have all the details when it comes to specs, but what we know puts this one squarely at odds with the likes of the Kindle Fire or HTC Flyer:

1.2GHz CPU 512MB RAM  [Read More…]

Logitech Revue finally getting Honeycomb and Android Market starting today

Logitech and Google have come out to reassure Logitech Revue owners that one of the original Google TV devices is being updated to Honeycomb beginning now. Though the Sony Internet TV line of Google TV products received the update weeks ago, today is the first time that the Revue upgrade began going out over the air.

According to Logitech, the update is being delivered  [Read More…]