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Humble Mobile Bundle lets you get 11 Android games for $5

Includes Alto’s Adventure, Pug’s Quest, FRAMED 2, and more.

Ever since 2010, Humble Bundle has been the best way to buy awesome video games at excellent prices will helping to support even more awesome charities at the same time. The latest Humble Mobile Bundle is here, and it’s filled with a heap of awesome independent Android games that are all worth checking out.

As usual with Humble Bundle, there are a few different tiers that you can  [Read More…]

New Humble ‘Great Adventures’ Bundle may be the best one yet

There’s a great new Humble Bundle for Android, and you’re going to want to spring for this one.

There’s no shortage of great games for the Android platform, but many of the best ones cost money up front. Humble Bundle has always been an effective way of purchasing more than one game at a time, often thematically similar and of the highest quality, for very little money.

The Humble ‘Great Adventures’ Bundle is no exception. You can get  [Read More…]

Play Catan for cheap with the latest Humble Mobile Bundle

I used to love writing about new Humble Mobile Bundles, the Android equivalent of HB’s excellent pay-what-you-want software packages that benefit charities, and great indie developers. Sadly, those days don’t come as often anymore, but this latest one — board game-themed — is worth mentioning.

Carcassonne: fine. Scotland Yard: meh. Great games, I’m sure — but you’re really here for Catan, one of the greatest trading strategy board games ever conceived.

Catan, along with Splendor and  [Read More…]

Humble Mobile Bundle 15 adds two more Android games to the list

There’s just one more week left for Humble Mobile Bundle 15, and two more Android games have now been added to this group of titles under the “pay what you want” business model. Android gamers still have until Monday, October 5 to take advantage of this deal.

To recap, for just $ 1 or more you can still get Trouserheart and the premium versions of Real Boxing and Governor of Poker 2 as part of Humble Mobile  [Read More…]

Humble Mobile Bundle 15 offers up Real Boxing, Trouserheart and more

It’s time for another new Humble Mobile Bundle. The team that offers up apps, games and more under a “pay what you want business model’ has just launched Humble Mobile Bundle 15. Android gamers can get six more DRM-free titles from now until Monday, October 5.

This week’s Humble Bundle will get you making Android games for just $12

For this week only, Humble Bundle will allow you to kickoff your own Android game development. The Android export module of Game Maker is currently available for just $ 12. Adding in the cost for Google Play registration, setting you back $ 25 and we’re at $ 37, which isn’t a bad price for what you’re receiving.

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Humble Mobile Bundle 14 offers six Android games like Toy Defense, One More Line and more

The Humble Bundle team is at it again, launching Humble Mobile Bundle 14 with six more DRM-free Android games under the “pay what you want” business model. This latest bundle is scheduled to end on September 21.

Games Workshop brings 9 titles to the latest Humble Mobile Bundle

A new week is upon us, which means it’s time for another Humble Mobile Bundle. This time around, Humble Bundle is offering up 9 games from Games Workshop, including several selections for the Warhammer fans out there.

The Humble NEOGEO Mobile Bundle has added some more games

Last week, the latest Humble Mobile Bundle for Android launched, featuring a bunch of classic NEOGEO games under its “pay what you want” model. Now, even more games have been added to the mix, and they can all be yours for one very low price.

The latest Humble Mobile Bundle features classic NEOGEO games on Android

The Humble Bundle team has launched their latest Android-based collection of games that can be purchased with the “pay what you want” business model. This time, the Humble Mobile Bundle has a collection of classic NEOGEO games to check out.