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Alphabet posts strong $41 billion in Q1 revenue despite coronavirus impact

A relatively strong quarter comes in under the shadow of coronavirus-forced issues ahead.

What you need to know Alphabet’s Q1 2020 revenues were $ 41 billion, up 13% year over year. Ad revenue experienced a “significant slowdown” in March, but YouTube ads still gained 33% year over year. Google’s “other” revenues, including its hardware division, posted revenues up 22% year over year.

Alphabet’s first quarter earnings are in, and Google’s parent company posted another slate of relatively  [Read More…]

Amazon’s concerned the Coronavirus may impact Prime Day

What you need to know Amazon is reaching out to third-party sellers ahead of Prime Day. Coronavirus could have an impact on product availability ahead of Prime Day. Some sellers are reducing promotions to hold inventory for event.

You don’t have to look far these days to find something that has been impacted by the Coronavirus. MWC 2020 was cancelled, supply chains are being disrupted, and things don’t appear to be getting any better just yet. While it’s  [Read More…]

RhinoShield’s Impact Skin provides real protection for your Galaxy Note 10

That Samsung Galaxy Note 10 you carry in your pocket holds the keys to your entire life. It’s a mighty mini-computer that gives you instant access to the internet, helps you find your way from one location to another, video chat your parents, store all the addresses and phone numbers of every person you’ve ever met, and perform a bazillion other tasks day in and day out.

Since your Note 10 is such an integral part of your  [Read More…]

Will 5G impact weather forecasting? A UN conference aims to find out

Groundhog day might need to happen more than just once a year if worries over 5G spectrum interference pan out.

What you need to know The 24GHz range of wireless communications is already used for weather forecasting, but the new 5G spectrum could soon interfere with that. The World Radiocommunication Conference is being held right now in Egypt to address this, and many other concerns, about the future of 5G. While 5G rollout has begun, it’s not  [Read More…]

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has the potential to make a big impact

It’s easy to paint EA as the villain, but some of that perception has been rightly earned.

I don’t know where to begin when it comes to how badly EA has handled its licensing deal to make Star Wars video games. Maybe I can start with the backlash from Battlefront II’s loot crates that caused so much controversy, Disney CEO Bob Iger reportedly intervened. It got so bad that EA outright removed them entirely shortly before launch.  [Read More…]

John Legere doesn’t want his ‘hotel choices’ to impact the Sprint merger

A total of 38 nights were booked by T-Mobile executives.

One of the biggest news stories of 2018 was T-Mobile and Sprint announcing that the two carriers were merging together as part of a massive $ 26 billion deal. A merger of this magnitude needs approval from a lot of different parties, one of which being the Trump administration. According to a report from The Washington Post, T-Mobile may have tried to subtly entice President Trump to  [Read More…]

Catalyst Galaxy S9 Impact Protection Case review: Jack of all trades

Catalyst provides excellent protection in a sleek, stylish package.

Way back in 2014, a Kickstarter was launched for an iPhone 4 case called the EscapeCapsule. It was a fully-enclosed waterproof case that went on to collect nearly $ 55,000 in funding from almost 600 backers, and today, the company is known as Catalyst with a case for just about every Apple product you could think of.

This July, Catalyst finally expanded outside of the Apple ecosystem and  [Read More…]

Google releases its 2017 Android security year in review, showing Play Protect has huge impact

How Android got safer and more secure in 2017.

With a platform as massive and amazingly varied as Android, security is of utmost importance. Google works tirelessly to keep Android and Google Play a safe as possible, and in the first quarter of the year it releases an annual report on how it did — today, we get to see how Android security stood throughout 2017.

The big improvement to Android security in 2017 was the launch  [Read More…]

Protect your LG G6 with this impact absorbing case for just $25

The LG G6 packs super slim bezels and a whole lot of screen, which means you likely will want to keep it protected. Pelican’s Protector case offers a single layer of impact absorbing protection without a whole lot of bulk, and right now you can pick one up for just $ 25.

Save 48% on this impact absorbing case for your Droid Turbo 2

While the Droid Turbo 2 has a shatterproof display, that doesn’t mean you want to leave the back of it unprotected. Incipio’s Octane case will absorb some of the impact during a fall, and adds a bit more style to the phone. Today, you can grab one for just $ 12.95, a savings of 48%.