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Did you manually install Pokémon Go? Re-enable this important Android security setting

We don’t recommend installing APKs from outside the Play Store — but if you do, it’s worth unchecking ‘unknown sources’ afterwards.

Maybe you wanted to play Pokémon Go in a country where it’s not officially available yet. Maybe you installed an APK from somewhere that’s not the Google Play Store to do that. We’re not gonna judge you.

In order to install your illicit Pokémon APK, you’ll have had to enable the “Unknown sources” toggle under  [Read More…]

Truecaller aims to be the most important app on your phone

After garnering over 200 million users globally for its caller ID service, Truecaller is now looking to offer mobile identity as a service that ties in with other mobile apps and services.

In 2007, two Swedes, Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam, created möbeljakt.se, a furniture aggregator app. A year later, they launched jobbigt.se, a website where employees could review their employers. You may not have heard of the two unless you live in Sweden.

But, of course, you you’ve  [Read More…]

Which specs are the most important to you when choosing a phone?

No matter how much you love your current phone, the time will come when you need to replace it. When day time finally arrives, you’ll have more options than you know what to do with. Trying to decide on a phone is a big decision, and that’s at least partially because you need to decide what specs, or features, on a phone matter the most to you.

That brings us to this week’s poll, we want to  [Read More…]

How important is your phone’s camera?

It wasn’t so long ago that if you wanted photos of your life, it meant carrying around a separate camera with you. Now we’ve gotten to a point where we have access to an awesome camera right in our pockets. Plenty of people depend on the camera on their smartphone as the primary way they get photos, and many of those photos end up being really, really good.

That’s why in this week’s poll we want to  [Read More…]

The most important news from the Android Security recap had nothing to do with malware

Viruses and exploits get headlines, but they’re not the most promising news coming out of Google’s 2015 security recap.

The funny thing about security, of course, is most of us on the end-user side of things tend to not worry about it until it’s too late. That’s natural, of course. It’s why we close the barn door after the horse is long gone.

For most of us, security isn’t sexy — it’s a hindrance. It’s our IT  [Read More…]

Monthly security patches are the most important updates you’ll never get

And this is all going to get worse before it gets better.

Android is broken. We’re all fans here, and I’d never want to switch to any other smartphone platform for my own needs, but we all know inside that Android is broken. The introduction of monthly security patches and how most of us aren’t getting them only solidifies this simple truth.

Let me explain. Android is a huge convoluted set of source code  [Read More…]

HTC Vive pre-orders begin on Feb. 29, CEO says VR ‘is more important’ than smartphones

HTC now has a pre-order date for its long-awaited HTC Vive virtual reality headset. A new report says that HTC has confirmed February 29 will be when pre-orders begin for the headset, with a wider commercial launch still planned for April 2016. A price tag has yet to be announced.

Weekly poll: What feature is most important in your next phone?

We’ve seen the 2015 lineup from just about everyone now (hurry, Google), and there are some really nice phones out there waiting for us to trade money for them. From excellent mid-range models with an easy price tag, to the highest of the high end for those who want to go premium, chances are everyone will find one they like. And because we’re Android junkies, we will all probably buy one. Or two.

But the question of  [Read More…]

Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham — and the Most Important Question Of The Day

Let’s face it: Donald Trump is a name I try to avoid whenever possible, and Lindsey Graham — the Republican senator from South Carolina — isn’t a name I expected to type on Android Central anytime soon. But here we are.

See, Trump being Trump ended up with Trump doing what only Trump can do. And what Trump did in this instance was spit out Graham’s phone number — his real number, apparently — during a speech today. The “why” doesn’t matter. Fact  [Read More…]

This week’s sidebar poll: Are agreements between streaming services and the artists being streamed important to you?

Contracts and money are important to the people signing contracts and making money, but do you care about any of it?

I know most of us watched the drama about Apple Music not wanting to pay artists for folks using their upcoming service during the trial period. Especially when it came to its glorious head — Taylor Swift, representing the struggling musicians, versus Apple, representing ducks that swim in a vault filled with gold coins.

Whether  [Read More…]