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PlayStation announces $10 million for indie devs affected by COVID-19

PlayStation is moving to help indie devs and give players some comfort right now.

What you need to know PlayStation has announced the Play at Home initiative. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey will be free for players to grab soon. PlayStation is also bringing a $ 10 million fund for indie developers impacted by the spread of COVID-19.

While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is impacting many across the video game industry, one major publisher is  [Read More…]

Sony is bolstering support for indie games on PlayStation 5

Best answer: Judging from statements made by Sony executives and some job shifts in the company recently, the PlayStation 5 should put a renewed focus on indie games heading into the next generation.

Explore the universe: No Man’s Sky Beyond ($ 30 at Amazon)

What was indie support like on the PlayStation 4?

When the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One first launched, it was immediately apparent where all of the indie developers were putting their focus:  [Read More…]

Human: Fall Flat is the latest PC indie game to be ported to Android

It has become a fairly regular occurrence to see the PC gaming indie darlings of yesteryear ported over to Android and iOS. The latest game to get the mobile treatment is Human: Fall Flat, a very silly physics-based puzzle platformer that’s entirely open ended. You control this little pudgy character who can’t jump very well, but can grab onto just about anything. All you need to do is find a way to get past the obstacles in each  [Read More…]

Bury Me, My Love selected as the top game at Google Play Indie Games contest

It’s a text messaging adventure game that tells the story of a Syrian migrant trying to get to Europe.

Download: Bury Me, My Love ($ 2.99)

The Google Play Indie Games Contest wrapped up this week with Bury Me, My Love chosen as the big winner. Developed by a team based in France, the game is a slow-burning “reality-inspired game” that tells the fictional story of Syrian refugee Nour and her husband Majd and their communication through  [Read More…]

The Best Indie Games for PlayStation 4

If you are on the lookout for some great independent games for your PS4 then check these out.

There’s no denying that the PlayStation 4 has made a comfortable home for blockbuster games and their developers. Every year there is a seemingly endless stream of huge titles. But what about the little guys? Independent developers are just as capable of creating amazing and engaging games as the big guys. Here are just a few of the very  [Read More…]

Google announces finalists for 2017 Indie Game Contest

According to Google, these are the best indie games you should have played in 2017.

After the success of Google Play’s inaugural Indie Game Contest last year, which shone a light on the best indie games released in 2016, Google has released the list of 20 finalists for the 2017 prize.

The contest was open to any independent studios working out of the 31 eligible countries operating with less than 30 full-time employees who released a game in the  [Read More…]

Google Play Store adds Indie Corner for discovering great indie games

Google wants to help you to discover the great games being made by indie developers.

You gotta love Google for all that it’s done and continues to do to support indie game developers — from running fantastic contests that shine a light on outstanding indie games for Android to giving away a paid app for free each week. Now, it has added a new home for the best indie games in the Google Play Store.

The Indie  [Read More…]

Reigns selected as big winner at Google Play Indie Games final

Long live the King!

The first ever Google Play Indie Games contest has wrapped up with UK developers Nerial winning twice over for their outstanding game Reigns. This comes as little surprise to us: Reigns is a fantastic game and one of our favorites of 2016.

On top of winning the overall prize, Reigns also won the Unity prize, which provides Nerial with a 12-month subscription to Unity’s professional game development platform.

We took another look at  [Read More…]

Google announces Top 20 finalists for Google Play Indie Games Contest

Shining a spotlight on some of the best indie games for Android!

Back in November, Google put out a call to indie game developers from 15 different European countries to submit their best game of 2016 for consideration in the Google Play Indie Games Contest.

After receiving nearly 1,000 entries, the field has been narrowed down to just 20 finalists. Most of these games are available to play from the Google Play Store, though a couple have  [Read More…]

Google announces major contest for indie game devs in Europe

Google to European indie game developers: Show us what you got!

One of the hardest challenges indie game developers face is getting publicity and exposure for their finished product. The fine folks at Google are doing their part to help, launching a new initiative for European indie developer teams of 15 people or less — they’ve put out the call for submissions to the first-ever Google Play Indie Games Contest in Europe.

The European contest is  [Read More…]