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Cut the Rope: Time Travel cruises back to the Industrial Revolution in latest update

Cut the Rope: Time Travel is expanding once again, this time with new levels that take Om Nom back to the Industrial Revolution. Along with a nice new icon indicating that new levels are afoot, you’ll be able to dive into the “industrial age” as the 10th available level in the game after this update. The new content is unlockable with 390 stars collected (yes, that’s a lot), or you can unlock all of the levels  [Read More…]

Industrial design finished for the Recon Jet HUD glasses

We’ve been covering the Recon Jet HUD glasses for a very long time. It was over a year ago they were first announced, but a few delays have pushed the launch date back. It was seven months ago that the hardware was redesigned, and production was set to ramp up. However, a email blog post from Recon CEO Dan Eisenhardt says that the industrial design has now finished.

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