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Google designing its own processors would completely change the industry

Google already designs microprocessors and has hired some of the industry’s finest to take the extra step.

Rumors of Google designing and manufacturing its own chips for Pixel phones are nothing new. But the latest comes at a time when it makes a lot more sense for it to be done; Google needs its own chips if it wants to carry on making products for everyone, and making them the way it wants them to be built.

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If Huawei is forced to stop building chips, the entire industry suffers

Samsung has given up, Huawei may be pushed out, and Qualcomm could become a de facto monopoly for the high end.

You probably have a phone with a Qualcomm chip inside of it, and chances are if it’s a premium model, you are pleased with the performance. That’s because Qualcomm makes a very good mobile chipset, and the Snapdragon’s combination of a great CPU, a fantastic mobile GPU, and a complete package for all the radios and  [Read More…]

Samsung, not Apple, is leading the next exciting phone industry change

Being first is actually worth something.

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Coronavirus: How COVID-19 is affecting the games industry

The global epidemic has cost thousands of lives and is causing ripple effects across the economy and games industry.

The World Health Organization has revealed that as of March 7, there have been 100,000 confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) cases worldwide since it was first reported from Wuhan, China on December 31. Nearly 4,000 people have died as a result. The virus has effectively shut down much of China’s production — which manufactures a staggering amount of global goods  [Read More…]

How the recent coronavirus outbreak shut down the tech industry

The novel coronavirus presents long-term ramifications for the tech industry.

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc across the globe, infecting over 75,000 people and killing more than 2,000. An overwhelming majority of the cases are isolated to mainland China, and the country temporarily shut down all offices to contain further spread of the virus.

The shutdown has impacted daily life in China in a significant way. Beijing — a teeming metropolis of over 21 million people — has become  [Read More…]

Ad industry asks Google to stay its hand over proposal to kill cookies

The advertising trade groups asked Google to not commit to its moratorium until ‘meaningful alternatives’ are found.

What you need to know Google recently announced its intention to phase out support for third-party cookies in Chrome. Within days, major trade organizations involved in advertisement have come out against the move. They cite the potential loss of revenues for startups that depend on advertising and ask Google to walk back on its plans until alternatives can be found.  [Read More…]

A U.S. senator wants the ad blocking industry investigated

Acceptable Ads are unacceptable.

What you need to know Senator Ron Wyden has asked the FTC to investigate the ad blocking industry for anti-competitive practices. The Senator calls out AdBlock Plus’ acceptable ads policy as unacceptable. He urges for more transparent disclosure in cases where advertisers pay to be whitelisted.

United States Senator Ron Wyden has called on the FTC to investigate what he critiques as anti-competitive practices by the ad blocking industry.

In a letter surfaced  [Read More…]

Amazon’s pricing is a punch to the gut for the rest of the industry

From Wi-Fi routers to premium smart speakers, Amazon knows what people really want: low prices.

Amazon told us a lot about its commitment to privacy and new features that will make us love their hardware products, but the 2019 fall hardware event was really about one thing — prices a lot lower than the competition.

Amazon knows how much people are willing to pay because its the store we buy from.

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Google’s weird Pixel 4 announcement is just what the industry needed

This is unlike anything we’ve seen before. I dig it.

Over the last few years, smartphone leaks have become quite predictable. In the months leading up to a phone’s announcement, we’ll see leaked schematics, renders, hands-on photos/videos, and get trickled-out information about its specs, pricing, and availability. Every tech blog gets busy covering the leaks as closely as they can, companies stay quiet, and by the time the official keynote is held, we pretty much know the  [Read More…]

A USB-C iPad Pro is great for the mobile industry. Here’s why

Apple has the power to shift an industry, even though it isn’t the biggest player on the field.

While we were all talking about the OnePlus 6T and Google screwing up wireless charging, over in Apple land there was this “little” announcement about new Macs and iPads. You might have heard something about it, even if you usually don’t follow Apple news. One of the show-stealers was an all-new iPad Pro. Available in two sizes, they are  [Read More…]