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Apple wins $539 million in damages from Samsung in design patent infringement retrial

This could be the end … well, no, probably not.

In what feels like a never-ending technology patent spat, Apple has just been awarded a hefty amount of damages from Samsung related to design patent infringement. In a retrial of the ongoing lawsuits from Apple that alleged Samsung took its patented designs for its own products several generations of phones ago, the court awarded Apple just shy of $ 539 million in damages. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is  [Read More…]

Qualcomm files patent infringement complaints against Apple, aims to ban U.S. iPhone imports

Qualcomm says the iPhone uses six inventions that Apple isn’t paying for.

Qualcomm owns a lot of IP (intellectual property). Much of it is for things we don’t think about when we are using a phone powered by one of its processors, like network data transfer and battery management. Today, it has filed a complaint with the ITC (international trade commission) against Apple, which it says uses six patented technologies without offering the correct compensation to Qualcomm.

It makes  [Read More…]

Samsung sues Huawei in China over patent infringement

Samsung has sued Huawei for allegedly infringing on six of its patents, seeking damages of ¥161 million ($ 24.1 million) and pushing for Huawei to end production and sales of the Mate 8 and select Honor phones. The lawsuit is the latest in an ongoing battle between the two companies in China.

In May, Huawei filed a lawsuit against Samsung in which it said that the South Korean manufacturer used its 4G communications, operating systems, and  [Read More…]

Huawei sues Samsung on claims of patent infringement

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei has filed suit against Samsung, accusing the Korean tech giant of patent infringement. Specifically, Huawei alleges that Samsung has infringed on some of its patents related to 4G technology, software and more.

From Reuters:

Huawei has filed lawsuits in the United States and China seeking compensation for what it said was unlicensed use of fourth-generation (4G) cellular communications technology, operating systems and user interface software in Samsung phones.

Samsung is no stranger to  [Read More…]

Android app pirate pleads guilty to criminal copyright infringement

An individual involved in running third-party Android app marketplace Applanet has pleaded guilty to criminal copyright infringement, the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) announced. According to the DoJ, Aaron Blake Buckley entered his guilty plea in response to charges that he sought to help distribute pirated versions of Android apps normally available on Google Play worth over $ 17 million. An associate of Buckley’s, Gary Edwin Sharp II, previously plead guilty to the same charges in January.

  [Read More…]

HTC Themes, icon packs, and copyright infringement: the situation one year on

HTC’s themes get a lot of things right… and a couple of big things wrong.

HTC Themes are thoroughly customizable, which is great. They’re not all-or-nothing like the all-or-nothing kits offered by Samsung. You can choose your own colors, your own images, your own icon pack, and build the theme you want. You can even break them free of the traditional home screen grid on the new HTC 10. The problem is, an unfortunate amount of  [Read More…]

ITC judge clears Samsung of NVIDIA patent infringement allegations

A U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) judge has ruled that Samsung did not infringe on two NVIDIA patents for which it was taken to court in September of 2014. The judge did find that Samsung infringed on a third patent, but ultimately nullified it.

Samsung defends against Apple design infringement claim in Netherlands

iPad 2 compared to Samsung Galaxy 10.1

Samsung is having a rough go against Apple in Germany, but that’s apparently not setting a precedent for the rest of Europe. The Court of the Hague, in the Netherlands, has denied an appeal from Apple to place an injunction on Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales on grounds of design patent infringement. The Dutch ruling took into account two out of six potential pieces of prior art, though  [Read More…]

Sprint’s lawyers are bored, sue 4 cable companies for patent infringement


Now that the merger between AT&T and T-Mobile USA is off the table, Sprint is in the awkward position of trying to find things for its highly-paid legal team to do. No, they didn’t issue a statement on their (binding?) promise to deliver the latest version of Android to all devices released after May 2011 (seriously, get on it, Sprint).

Instead, Sprint has hit the U.S. Court system in a four-point  [Read More…]

German courts grant injunction against Apple for Motorola patent infringement

Motorola    Apple

Courts in Germany have found in favor of Motorola in two cases of patent infringement by Apple.  These are the same types of proceedings that Apple has used to get Samsung products pulled from shelves and show floors in the past, and the current documents from Germany look to affect all Apple mobile products, and have enabled damages that go back to April 2003.  But let’s  [Read More…]