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Google’s Digital Wellbeing initiative: Everything you need to know

Here’s how Google is helping you take back control of your digital life.

At Google I/O 2018, Google announced Digital Wellbeing. It’s a brand new approach to OS and app development that’ll equip users with tools to help them find a better balance between their digital and real worlds.

Is it a new app? Is it Android P’s killer feature? Will it make you feel better and solve world peace all at the same time? We answer  [Read More…]

Google’s ‘digital wellbeing’ initiative feels incomplete and insincere

This is a great idea that runs completely counterintuitively to every other goal the company has.

We should all strive to use our phone a bit less. Or at least be mindful of the fact that phones have become both an integral and dominating force of our lives. Google, with its billion-plus Android users around the world, realizes that it has a significant role to play in this phenomenon. And it wants to use that force for  [Read More…]

The Google News Initiative launches to give online news a helping hand

A lot of small steps to make the Internet a better place.

For the past couple years, there’s been a heightened focus on the subject of fake news. Misleading stories continue to pop up online, it gets more difficult to tell legitimate sources from illegitimate ones, and the words of some politicians don’t make this matter any easier to deal with. Thankfully, to help make sense of the world of online news, Google is launching the Google News Initiative.

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Indian companies withdraw from Facebook’s Internet.org initiative on net neutrality grounds

Indian travel portal Cleartrip and media conglomerates NDTV and Times Group have withdrawn support for Facebook’s Internet.org program, citing net neutrality concerns.

MediaTek courts Internet of Things developers with new MediaTek Labs initiative

MediaTek announced today a new initiative called “MediaTek Labs” to help spur development in the wearable and so-called Internet of Things arenas. MediaTek Labs is a multi-pronged approach, offering support, documentation and guidance for developers of all skill levels to build wearables and other connected devices with an SDK and HDK (Hardware Development Kit).

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Google launching mobile website initiative in … wait for it … Mobile, Ala.


Google apparently is set to open a new office on the Gulf Coast, according to the Mobile Press-Register newspaper. We’re not talking a sprawling, Mountain View-type campus, Dan Murtaugh writes on the paper’s website, but, rather, a storefront office that will be part of an iniative to get more businesses to create mobile versions of their websites. The name of the iniative, which will kick off with an event Nov. 14 (the event  [Read More…]