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Learn how to utilize Instagram to grow your brand and generate more revenue

Celebrities and influencers aren’t the only ones dominating Instagram. Brands have the capability to rake in a considerable amount of followers, too. With Instagram being such a popular platform — 1 billion active users are no joke — it’s fertile ground to amass customers for your business, but you can only do it if you know the right strategies to employ and the right content to share. The 10 Instagram Growth Secrets From Celebrities & Influencers Course can teach you how  [Read More…]

Instagram and TikTok launch live fundraising features for nonprofits

With businesses shuttered, more people than ever will need donations.

What you need to know Instagram and TikTok are launching live fundraising features on their respective platforms, aimed at supporting nonprofits. TikTok is specifically aimed at COVID-19 relief, partnering with charities in the U.S. and UK as part of that. TikTok will match all donations through May 27 at launch.

It’s going to be a little easier for nonprofits to raise money via social media. Today, Instagram  [Read More…]

Instagram wants its new stickers to help keep small businesses afloat

Restaurants have been badly hit by the necessary physical distancing measures governments have adopted.

What you need to know Instagram is enabling fundraising and food order stickers to support small businesses. It’ll partner with established services like ChowNow to enable food delivery in cities. The service will roll out in the U.S. and Canada first, with other countries earmarked to receive support in the coming weeks.

At a time where restaurants and small businesses are essentially out  [Read More…]

Instagram now lets everyone send DMs on the desktop

Facebook brings one of its best messaging services multi-platform.

What you need to know Instagram finally is rolling out web DMs to all users. The company announced a testing period in January for a select group of users. Facebook still plans on bridging all its messaging services eventually.

Instagram is finally rolling out desktop DMs after testing the feature for a few months. You’ll now be able to read, send, and respond to DMs from your browser  [Read More…]

Upcoming Instagram feature will limit NSFW content while you browse at work

It’s currently in a very barebones state.

What you need to know Instagram is seemingly working on a toggle to “limit sensitive content.” The news comes courtesy of Jane Manchun Wong, known for her reverse-engineering wizardry. The feature will likely be aimed at younger voters or those who want to limit NSFW content at work.

In an ideal world, no one would be browsing Instagram at work, and we’d all be the efficient, busy worker bees the  [Read More…]

Instagram brought in $20 billion for Facebook last year

That’s more than a quarter of Facebook’s revenues as a whole.

What you need to know Instagram is a big business for Facebook. The photo-sharing app was responsible for more than 25% of its parent company’s sales. Facebook acquired the company for just $ 715 million.

Mo’ ads, mo’ money, as they say. It’s certainly the mantra Facebook-owned Instagram is living by, with the photo-sharing app reportedly netting revenues of around $ 20 billion in the last  [Read More…]

You can finally send Instagram DMs on desktop

Instagram Direct is no longer a mobile exclusive.

What you need to know Facebook is adding Instagram Direct to the Instagram web app. Previously, users had to rely on either the mobile/mobile web apps. Today’s rollout is just a test, with only a few users gaining access to it.

Facebook will be adding Direct Messaging to Instagram’s desktop site as of today, as per a report from The Verge.. It’ll work much like how DMs work on  [Read More…]

Instagram bans influencers from promoting vaping, tobacco, and firearms

There will also be special restrictions placed on alcohol and diet supplements starting next year.

What you need to know Instagram will begin banning influencers from promoting “vaping, tobacco products, and weapons.” Branded content that features alcohol and diet supplements will also require “special restrictions” starting next year. It will also open up access to the Facebook Brand Collabs Manager for select creators to provide them with new ways to search for brands to work with, as  [Read More…]

Instagram rolls out new features to combat fake news and hate speech

“We want you to trust what you see on Instagram.”

What you need to know Instagram has announced new tools to combat fake news and hate speech on the platform. Its fact-checking program is being rolled out globally. It is also introducing a new feature that notifies users of potentially offensive content in their captions prior to posting.

Instagram is pushing out new tools to combat misinformation, fake news and hate speech on its platform.

In two  [Read More…]