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Evernote for Android – New update adds notebook sharing, further Skitch integration & new widget

Evernote for Android

Evernote for Android is getting a rather healthy update today. They’ve taken three of the top requested features and gone ahead and implemented them into Evernote. So what’s new? Quite a bit:

Notebook sharing – now share your notebooks on-the-go with a friend or the whole world. Skitch – more integrated settings means you can more easily send your notes to Skitch for edits, and just as easily send it back  [Read More…]

Google acquires local ratings expert Zagat; Maps integration coming soon


Google isn’t shy when it comes to acquiring other companies to bolster their already robust selection of services. Today’s acquisition of Zagat is a perfect example.

Zagat is a restaurant rating service that thrives in the “local” arena. Using a scale of 1-30, Tim and Nina Zagat, friends, family and other die-hard foodies have critiqued restaurants for over 30 years now. Currently available in over 100 cities, Zagat’s sophisticated rating system  [Read More…]