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PUBG Mobile invites players to hit the slopes with Winter Festival update

Celebrate the start of winter with some vehicular combat and much more!

What you need to know Version 0.16.0 update is rolling out starting today with a slew of new features, weapon rebalances, and bug fixes. The most exciting addition is the new RageGear mode featuring team-based vehicular combat with roof-mounted guns. You can also try your hand at snowboarding on Erangel, one of the more intriguing features added with this Winter-themed update.

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Invites to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey arrive for Project Stream users

Testers of Project Stream will be able to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on Oct. 5.

Thanks to services like NVIDIA GeForce Now and PlayStation Now, the gaming industry has been experimenting a lot with the act of streaming video games over an internet connection rather than running them locally on a console or PC. Now, the latest company to dip its toes in the streaming games market is Google.

October 7, 2018 — Invites start going out  [Read More…]

Waze is finally coming to Android Auto as beta invites start going out

Android Auto is finally getting an update.

Google demoed Waze integration in Android Auto back at I/O 2016, but we haven’t seen any progress on that front. Back in February, Android Auto picked up an app switcher for maps, hinting at the availability of navigation options other than Google Maps.

It now looks like Waze is finally about to make its way to the car, as invites are being sent out to beta test Waze on Android Auto.  [Read More…]

Mobile Nations Weekly: Recalls, launches, and invites

A week of tech in Berlin, Apple sets the date for the iPhone 7 reveal, and Samsung’s Note is maybe a little too hot.

The last time a smartphone company was hit with news this damaging about a retail product was Apple’s iPhone 4 “Antennagate”, and at least that didn’t include literally exploding phones. That’s the position that Samsung is in with the Galaxy Note 7, which has been recalled globally after several reports of fires  [Read More…]

Pokémon GO beta invites are going out to U.S. testers

Niantic Labs is now sending out invites in the U.S. to players who wanted to beta test its upcoming Pokémon GO augmented reality game.

Beta testing for the game had already begun in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. In a blog post, Niantic says:

Trainers can now help Pokémon evolve, opening up a whole new area of gameplay. Trainers can also find and collect Pokémon Eggs in addition to fully grown Pokémon. Trainers will get a  [Read More…]

OnePlus 2 invites are now good for three days instead of 24 hours

OnePlus has extended the amount of time that its OnePlus 2 invites are good for, moving it from 24 hours to three days. The way it worked previously was you would sign up to receive an invite, and when it was your chance OnePlus would email you your invite. These invites had an expiration time of only 24 hours, and this caused a number of issues with potential buyers.

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Google is giving out invites to Project Fi for 24 hours

To celebrate the release of its two latest Nexus devices, the 5X and 6P, Google is giving away instant invites to its Project Fi wireless service for the next 24 hours. If you’ve been wanting to see how Google’s carrier solution stacks up, now is the perfect time to join.

Project Fi takes a different approach to cellular service, maintaining a simple pricing structure, only charging customers for what they actually use and relying heavily on WiFi for connectivity. Compatibility  [Read More…]

Google is giving out instant invites to Project Fi for the next 24 hours

For the next 24 hours, you won’t need to wait for an invite to try out Google’s Project Fi. Google is celebrating the fact that shipments of the Nexus 5X have begun, and is handing out instant invites for the next 24 hours.

Google Play Services 8.1 brings app invites, ambient mode maps and more for developers

With the rollout of Google Play Services 8.1 complete, Google has outlined the changes for developers to help them get their apps ready to make full use of it. Included in Play Services 8.1 is a number of new features and functionality, some of which you may visually see integrated into your favorite apps, and others come as behind the scenes changes.

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