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Mainline kernel support for Android is complicated and maybe impossible

Android has its own special variant of the Linux kernel and that’s not a good thing. But, for now, at least, it’s a necessity. Why can’t it be more like everything else?

Google once again had a major presence at the yearly gathering of top Linux developers known as the Linux Plumbers Conference. This is where all the smart people who work hard to make the framework that most of the world’s computers run on gather so  [Read More…]

Nougat for Moto X Pure Edition coming ‘soon’, Motorola releases Android 7.0 kernel source

Android 8.0 to be released this month; Moto X Pure Edition to get 7.0 “soon”

As Google gears up for the imminent Android 8.0 release, Motorola has released the Android 7.0 kernel source for the 2015 Moto X Pure Edition, also known as the Moto X Style elsewhere in the world (via Android Police). The Nougat update was originally promised for the device in April of this year, some eight months after Android 7.0 was made available to manufacturers.  [Read More…]

OnePlus confirms Nougat update uses proper kernel, will remove debug tools that caused confusion

After some confusion, OnePlus says there’s nothing to worry about in its kernel.

A few tidbits of information swirled yesterday about the Nougat update for the OnePlus 3 and 3T in regards to what kernel it was using. Looking at logs, some users had found messages indicating that the OxygenOS 4.0.1 build was using a debug kernel in what would otherwise be completely release-level software. With a debug kernel, unknowing consumers would be vulnerable to various attacks, as there  [Read More…]

Latest Priv update brings a newer Linux kernel to strengthen security

An update is now available for those with the BlackBerry Priv, and this update also focuses on security. We’ve seen monthly security patches since the phone’s release, but this is a bit different. A recent discovery showed that the Android / Linux kernel was vulnerable to a specific attack, and this update fixes that to prevent issues.

BlackBerry has posted additional details on the update:

This advisory addresses an industry-wide elevation of privilege vulnerability that is  [Read More…]

Nexus devices to get a mid-month security patch after critical Linux kernel exploit discovered

App used to root Nexus 5, Nexus 6 found to have exploited ‘local elevation of privilege vulnerability,’ but .

Google has issued a supplemental update to its monthly Android Security Advisory after a critical flaw in the Linux kernel was found to be exploited in a rooting app. The flaw as originally reported was scheduled to be patched in a coming monthly security update, but that changed once researchers from Zimperium were able to demonstrate an  [Read More…]

What you need to know about the CONFIG_KEYS Linux kernel vulnerability

A new security issue (CVE-2016-0728 for those who like to keep track of these things) was announced on January 14 by Perception Point, a security research team. The bug affects kernels compiled with the CONFIG_KEYS kernel configuration switch set to “on,” and has been present in all Linux kernels since version 3.8. The exploit allows root escalation by cycling a 32-bit integer back to zero. Perception point claims that “approximately tens of millions of Linux PCs and  [Read More…]

The Lollipop kernel source is now available for the HTC One M7 Developer Edition

HTC has released the Android 5.0 Lollipop kernel source for the HTC One M7 Developer Edition on its developer site. The download file size is 558 MB and should help app developers in their efforts to find bugs on their Lollipop software.

Google releases KitKat kernel source for Android One devices

Google has released the full GPL kernel source for Android One devices running KitKat. Announced on the Android Building Google Group, Bill Yi tells us that “the kernel source can be found on the android-msm-sprout-3.4-kitkat-mr2 branch in the kernel/msm project. It’s also tagged with ‘android-4.4.4_r3’.”

Folks wanting to see what they can do with the open-source software in these inexpensive, but decidedly Googley, devices now have their first set of tools to begin. I expect there  [Read More…]

Sony kernel source released on GitHub

Tinkerers and ROM creators will be interested to hear that Sony has moved the kernel source code from their Developer World portal to GitHub. Pop by the repositories and you’ll find kernels for many of the major Xperia devices, like the Z Ultra and Z1, with more to come.

OnePlus One kernel source now available for download

If you’re among those who enjoy digging around the inner workings of things then you’ll be pleased to know the Cyanogen Inc. has updated the CyanogenMod Github account with the kernel source files for the OnePlus One.