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Kindle Fire gets Android Market, Nook Tablet gets Amazon Appstore

The entire reason that Amazon and Barnes & Noble sell their Android tablets for such low prices is because the companies intend to lock buyers into their systems and sell content. But because Android users aren’t much for being locked in, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that someone would find a way to get content beyond the gardens of Amazon and B&N.

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Kindle Fire will get Hulu Plus and “several thousand” apps, but not all Android apps will be compatible

The Amazon Kindle Fire launches next week with thousands of apps available through the just re-launched Amazon Appstore for Android. Amazon just sent us a note that Hulu Plus and ESPN Scorecenter will be among the big names of apps joining the lineup of Fire options.

However, according to tech mover and shaker Robert Scoble, not all Android apps will be compatible with the  [Read More…]

Amazon App Store updated with Kindle Fire-like UI, more settings


The Amazon App Store is probably the most popular third party Android app store out there. App selection is great, and the free app of the day definitely makes mornings a little better. Amazon hasn’t been known for paying attention to UI detail, though, but that’s about to change. Amazon has updated its App Store to version 2.0.

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Amazon says Kindle Fire also will have Hulu Plus and ESPN

Amazon Kindle Fire

The back-and-forth between the Amazon Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet continues, with the former this morning announcing that it will have Hulu Plus and ESPN ScoreCenter when it launches next week. That means the Kindle Fire will have the three major video content services — Amazon, Netflix and now Hulu Plus — which certainly is quite the selling point.


Several thousand more reasons to buy the $199 Kindle Fire


Need even more reasons to buy the Kindle Fire? Today Amazon announced that several thousand of the most popular Android apps will be available on their $ 199 7-inch tablet. The list includes the likes of Netflix, Rhapsody, Pandora, Twitter, Comics by comiXology, Facebook, The Weather Channel and popular games from Zynga, EA, Gameloft, PopCap and Rovio. Combined with the 18  [Read More…]

Amazon Appstore receives 2.0 update ahead of Kindle Fire launch

Amazon Appstore 2

Amazon’s Appstore for Android has received an update, just in time for the Kindle Fire’s release next week.

The update, which brings the app to version 2.0, is largely focused on UI improvements. The look and feel of the entire Appstore experience has shifted as the white backdrops that used to be ubiquitous have been changed to shades of gray.

More settings have been added as well as you now have  [Read More…]

Nook Tablet attempts to one-up Kindle Fire, but is it worth the extra $50?

Nook Color

Can Barnes & Noble launch a device that can compete with Amazon’s wildly popular Kindle Fire? Today the oldest and largest book retailer in the US announced the Nook Tablet, which launches next week and will retail for $ 249. That’s a $ 50 premium over the $ 199 Kindle, so let’s take a closer look at the specs to see how they match up.

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Amazon introduces Kindle Lending Library to all Kindle owners with Amazon Prime membership

Android Central

Odds are that if you own one of the Amazon Kindle tablets / E-Readers you enjoy reading. (Duh.) But have you ever avoided reading a book because of the pricetag? Meet Amazon Kindle Lending Library, a new way for Kindle owners to “borrow” a book for their reading pleasure for free, if they meet a few requirements. First you must own a Kindle device — shocking, huh — and second you  [Read More…]

Apple says fragmentation will put a damper on the Kindle Fire’s success

Kindle Fire

Even though estimated pre-order sales already set the Kindle Fire up to be not only the most successful Android tablet to come out so far, but most successful tablet in general, Apple still seems to think the device won’t make a dent in the industry.

Barclays Group analyst Ben Reitzes recently sat down with Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer, and according to him, the Apple execs say  [Read More…]

Competition heats up, Amazon Kindle Fire to become best selling Android tablet this year

Kindle Fire

Would it surprise you to learn that Amazon could have the best selling Android tablet by the end of the year? Several weeks ago a leak surfaced that suggested Amazon was racking up 50,000 pre-orders per day of their newly announced $ 199 Kindle Fire. It now appears those numbers were on target because both Digitimes and J.P.  [Read More…]