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Amazon’s Kindle tablet said to be all Amazon atop Android, with nary a Google app in sight

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We’ve been patiently sitting back and watching the rumors surrounding Amazon’s supposed Android tablet, because, frankly, that’s all they’ve been. Rumor and conjecture. But TechCrunch’s MG Siegler this afternoon has penned a first-person opus, detailing time with a test unit. We’ll not attempt to steal any thunder here — definitely go read the full post linked below. But here are the big strokes:

It’s a 7-inch tablet-style device. It’s running Android, insofar  [Read More…]

Apple Kicks Google Books Off App Store, Is Amazon’s Kindle App Next?

Apple has just seemingly banned its first big name app for not playing along with Apple’s revised In-App Purchase rules, as Google’s official Google Books app, which contained a prominent web link to an outside e-store, has disappeared from the App Store. If it has happened to Google, will Amazon’s Kindle app be the next app to disappear?


Introduced in December last year, Google’s Google Books app allowed users  [Read More…]