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Deal: HTC’s knocking up to 20% off the U11 and U11+ in the UK

A 64GB U11 can be yours for as little as £323.19.

If you’re an HTC fan but aren’t quite sold on the new U12+, now might be the time to pick up last year’s U11 or U11+.

Right now in the United Kingdom, HTC’s offering 10% off the U11 and U11+ for all customers — bringing prices down to £359.10 and £539.10, respectively.

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EA launches UFC globally in Google Play, knocking out previous restrictions

After being available in limited areas to start, UFC has knocked out the barriers and is now available in Google Play worldwide.

EA Sports has announced that UFC is now available worldwide in Google Play. The app first launched in Canada, South Korea, Singapore and Russia and the results were great. Featuring intuitive touch controls the gameplay is action-packed.

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Amazon knocking $20 or more off Chromebooks in back-to-school promotion

There’s no doubt that Chromebooks and Chromeboxes are great machines for an education setting, and Amazon is capitalizing on that fact with a back-to-school promotion that’s knocking $ 20 or more off of select Chrome OS devices. The popular Acer C720 with 2GB of RAM is $ 179, down from $ 199, while the model with 4GB RAM is $ 229 down from $ 249.

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