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OnePlus has laid off some European offices by up to 80%

It’s a part of “normal restructuring” for the company.

What you need to know Some OnePlus offices in Europe have been laid off by up to 80%. The layoffs have occurred in the UK, France, and Germany. These are part of “strategic restructuring.”

Not too long ago, OnePlus found itself in headlines for launching its new OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro devices. The company is making waves yet again, but this time for a much different reason.  [Read More…]

HTC has reportedly laid off up to 100 employees in the U.S.

The company’s smartphone and VR teams are merging together.

2018’s been a rough year so far for HTC. The company confirmed on February 14 that the president of its smartphone division had officially resigned, and just a little more than a week later, it’s reported that a plethora of HTC employees in the U.S. have been let go.

A source familiar with HTC told this news to Digital Trends, and while it’s still unclear how many employees  [Read More…]

Google lightens their load – Buzz, Code Search and Jaiku laid to rest

Google Buzz

It had to happen at some point considering it was noted during Google Q3 earnings call on Thursday. Google Buzz, the short-lived social service that was never widely used and flawed from the start has been put to rest. Along with it, Code Search and Jaiku will soon be wiped from the interwebs. As noted on the Google Blog:

Code Search, which was designed to help people search for open source code  [Read More…]