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Press pause on your apps with Action Launcher’s latest update

From live wallpapers to 2020 Supporter wallpapers, v45 is here to make your phone more festive.

What you need to know Action Launcher v45 is rolling out to users now along with an ActionDash update. Quicktheme now can pull colors from live wallpapers, but there’s a few caveats to keep in mind. New ActionDash integrations allow you to see your usage in a widget or pause apps for the rest of the day. Support 2020 is here  [Read More…]

Android 10 gestures now work with third-party launchers on the Pixel 4

The fix has not rolled out to other phones such as the Pixel 3 yet.

What you need to know Navigation gestures will now work with third-party launchers in Android 10. Previously, users would have been met with an error message and forced to use button navigation when using a third-party launcher. So far, the fix has only been rolled out to Pixel 4 phones.

The gesture navigation system in Android has been controversial, to say the  [Read More…]

Android Q and Third Party Launchers with Developer Chris Lacy [#acpodcast]

Daniel Bader and Ara Wagoner are joined by developer Chris Lacy of Action Launcher and ActionDash fame to discuss Android Q, third party launchers, using your phone less, and much more.

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Daniel Bader and Ara Wagoner are joined by developer Chris Lacy of Action Launcher and ActionDash fame to discuss Android Q, third  [Read More…]

Android Pie’s new Overview is giving first-party launchers a big advantage

Would you rather have a good Overview or a good launcher?

Android Pie is here and it’s got goodies for everyone — except for third-party launchers, it seems. Android Pie overhauled the recent apps screen when it switched over to the new gesture navigation system and renamed this new recent apps and app shortcuts screen Overview, and Overview also has the app drawer built right into it, meaning that you can pull open your app drawer with  [Read More…]

Apex Launcher’s latest update is your wake-up call to switch to something better

If you use Apex Launcher and are wondering “what the heck happened to my home screen?”, you’re not alone.

Apex Launcher restarted development last May, and since then, there hasn’t been much to say about the old, but well-liked launcher as it tried to update its interface, improve its feature set, and start competing again. Well, the 4.0 update Apex Launcher pushed out this week has undone all of that progress and then some, and what users Apex Launcher  [Read More…]

Evie Launcher’s update positions it as a perfect replacement to Google Now Launcher

Evie Launcher has finally given its users its most-requested feature.

One of the best launchers on the market has seen a surge of new users in the wake of Google Now Launcher’s death — almost a million new users in just the last month — and it’s not hard to see why. Evie Launcher is quick as a whip, offers just enough customization without overwhelming inexperienced Android users, and is 100% free. The launcher has been quiet  [Read More…]

How to personalize your Android phone with themes, launchers, and more!

Every Android user has a theme on their phone. They just don’t know it yet.

Even if you don’t know what icon packs or launchers are, if your phone has a home screen on it, it’s got a theme. Android users don’t have to live in their app drawers; they can choose how their phone looks and functions. They can use widgets to interact with apps without opening them. They can use custom icons to theme or  [Read More…]

We’re celebrating Nova Launcher’s 6th birthday with a contest!

Happy Birthday to Nova!

Six years ago, Nova Launcher was released, and today it’s one of the best damn launchers around. In a vast and increasingly competitive launcher market, Nova Launcher has grown as a launcher and as a brand. This year in particular the team behind Nova Launcher has a whole lot to celebrate: they’ve hit 50 million downloads, they made a deal with Razer to be the launcher that ships on the Razer Phone, and  [Read More…]

Debugging a killer launcher feature: Why Google Now on third-party launchers has to jump through hoops

Google Now’s feed is a killer launcher feature with a killer requirement.

Months ago when Google announced it would be retiring the Google Now Launcher, it also announced that it was releasing code from that launcher for manufacturers to build their own version with, allowing them to put a Google Now page in their pre-loaded launcher. As expected, this code is something third-party launchers would love to play with, and it’s already been implemented by Nova Launcher  [Read More…]

Why all phone launchers should support icon packs

Icon packs are a wonderfully easy way to jazz up your home screen.

There’s a reason icon packs are supported by most third-party launchers and a growing number of manufacturer launchers. The problem with those manufacturer launchers supporting icon packs is that they’re only supporting their icon packs, but not those sold by Google Play. Samsung’s launcher only supports icon packs from the Samsung Themes store. HTC’s launcher only supports icon packs from the HTC Themes store.

  [Read More…]