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We should be learning about the PS5 and its launch games very soon

With E3 out of the picture, Sony looks to do its own thing.

There’s been a rumored PlayStation 5 reveal event set to take place every month this year, and while nothing has materialized yet, that is set to change. According to VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb, PlayStation allegedly plans to hold an event in early June. His sources indicated that the event was originally planned for June 4, but that appears to have changed by a matter of  [Read More…]

Keep your child learning at home with a discounted year of ABCMouse for $45

With schools across the world closed due to social distancing measures, ensuring your child continues to receive a good education at home is crucial. Luckily, there are a number of sites that make learning fun for kids and help to keep them occupied while their usual school routine is on hiatus.

ABCMouse and Adventure Academy are two great examples that mix a carefully designed curriculum for children of various ages with online games and puzzles, and right now you can  [Read More…]

Google Search just took a big step in helping make learning more fun

It’s like having the classroom right in your home.

What you need to know Google is enhancing Search with new AR models that lets users explore models in incredible detail. All you need to do is search for one of the keywords on your phone and select the option to view in your space. Google’s list of Search-integrated AR is growing rapidly, with this round of additions helping students better explore scientific subjects.

Google is enhancing its  [Read More…]

Best online learning tools for kids in 2020

Across the world people are being impacted and forced to make big changes to the way they live, and in many countries and states schools are being shut down, which means parents are looking for the best online learning tools for their kids. Luckily, there are a lot of online learning tools that can be used from the comfort of your own home, and many of them offer free trials. While you are busy working from home, you’ll want to  [Read More…]

Google is leveraging machine learning to make Duo calls sound better

The tech is called WaveNetEQ.

What you need to know Google is using machine learning to deal with packet loss of audio data on its video calling app. The feature’s already available on Pixel 4 devices via the December feature drop. Other as-yet-unnamed phones are also slated to receive the same tech in the future.

Google’s Duo is already “the best video calling service that you’re not using” — even Samsung, it seems, has seen light —  [Read More…]

Master a new skill with a free month of learning at The Great Courses Plus

Chances are, you’re spending a lot more time at home than you would regularly right now. The situation’s not ideal, but you could turn your self-isolation time into something positive by learning a new skill or becoming an expert on a topic you’ve always been interested in but never had the time to research fully.

Online learning service The Great Courses Plus gives you the resources to from anywhere with tons of different courses to choose from. Right now, you  [Read More…]

A lifetime of learning from Whizlabs is just $60 right now

If you have any hopes of climbing the corporate ladder, you need to continuously beef up your skillset. And even if you’re happy where you are professionally, acquiring new skills can land you a bigger paycheck, a promotion, or even lead you to your dream job. Luckily, you don’t have to go back to school to strengthen your resume. You can pick up new skills with a subscription to Whizlabs, a leading online training provider that offers courses on  [Read More…]

How Google built the Pixel 4’s Recorder app using machine learning

See all that you say, privately.

What you need to know Recorder for Pixel phones utilizes on-device machine learning to analyze and categorize audio recordings for archiving and searching. Recorder keeps these audio transcriptions off of the Internet by only using the processors built into your Pixel phone. Transcriptions can later be searched through by typing in the words or phrases said, and clicking on a word will take you to that point in the timeline.

Machine  [Read More…]

Nest Learning (3rd Gen) vs. Nest E: Which smart thermostat is best for you?

At Mobile Nations, we love smart home tech. We’ve been testing Nest devices since 2012. We know what makes them tick and why that matters.

Nest Learning (3rd Gen)

All the conveniences

$ 248 at Amazon

Pros Learns your patterns and creates a heating and cooling schedule accordingly Compatible with 95% of HVAC systems Farsight function Works with smart assistants Seven color options Cons Pricey

The latest Nest Learning Thermostat works with almost every type  [Read More…]

Get a lifetime of uTalk’s language learning training for as low as $20

For many of us, English was our first or second language, but why does learning more languages feel so hard when learning our mother tongue was easy as kids? It’s simple. As kids, we learn new things through play, such as associating words with images or hearing our language as we’re playing in the background, which is largely absent from classrooms and speech recognition apps. Instead, uTalk teaches us new languages the same way we did as kids,  [Read More…]