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Grow your YouTube Music library by uploading your own songs — here’s how

YouTube Music is one of the most capable streaming services on the planet. It offers an enormous library of content, ranging from official songs, music videos, covers, concert clips, and more. On the off chance you can’t find what you’re looking for in YouTube Music’s streaming library, you can also upload your own tunes and store them on your account for easy access on any of your devices. Need some help on how to do this? We’ve got  [Read More…]

Add some of Disney’s best animated films to your digital library at 50% off

With Disney parks and theaters around the world closed for the moment, now’s the perfect time to start growing your digital movie library. Right now, some of Disney’s best animated movies are 50% off at digital retailers like iTunes and Vudu so you can add to your collection at a discount. Iconic films like Aladdin and Cinderella regularly sell for up to $ 19.99, though right now they’re on sale along with several other Disney greats for just $ 9.99  [Read More…]

Fill your library with iconic comedies and feel-good films on sale for $5

Finding yourself bored at home with nothing to watch? The latest $ 5 film sale at iTunes is set to change that, and now that films and shows from iTunes can be viewed in the Apple TV app, you can watch your collection anywhere using a compatible device like an Amazon Fire TV Stick or a Roku Streaming Stick. The app is available to download on a variety of smart TVs as well.

Today’s sale at iTunes is filled with  [Read More…]

Add these must-see TV shows to your digital library starting at just $9

With movie theaters closed and social distancing measures in place across the globe, you may be looking for other ways to keep yourself entertained while you’re stuck at home. Luckily, iTunes is having a sale on complete TV series in digital HD this week so you can beef up your collection at a discount. There are some fantastic deals offered that give you the opportunity to rewatchth shows you purchase whenever you’d like and never worry about where they’re streaming  [Read More…]

YouTube Music gets new library design inspired by Play Music

The Artists list is now automatically populated based on the songs in your library.

What you need to know Google is pushing out an update to the YouTube Music library. It now works a bit more like Google Play Music used to. Songs you add to your library will now have their artists automatically added to the Artists list.

While a valiant effort by Google to take on the likes of Spotify, YouTube Music clearly needs a  [Read More…]

How to effectively optimize your Google Photos library

Google Photos is an amazing tool that lets you back up all of your photos and videos in one place. You get free unlimited storage so long as you don’t mind a bit of compression on your backups — and if you’d rather keep your material in pristine quality, you can just as easily pull from your Google One cloud storage. However, as you upload more and more media, your library can quickly become a cluttered mess. Thankfully,  [Read More…]

Can I delete things from my Oculus Quest library?

Best answer: No, you can’t delete items from your Oculus Quest library. You can uninstall an app or game from your headset, but it will always appear in your library.

Wireless VR: Oculus Quest ($ 399 at Amazon) Sticking with you

Every time you download an app or game for the Oculus Quest, it’s added to your library. This is handy because you can easily find any app or game you’ve previously downloaded. You can also quickly  [Read More…]

Games removed from sale will stay in your library if purchased on Stadia

Best answer: According to Google Stadia boss Phil Harrison, you will be able to keep your purchased games in your Stadia library even after they’ve been removed from sale.

The best package: Google Stadia Founder’s Edition ($ 129 at Google) Go wireless: Google Stadia controller ($ 69 at Google) Play it on the big screen: Google Chromecast Ultra ($ 69 at Amazon) What did Phil Harrison say about games staying in your library?

Speaking with IGN, Harrison  [Read More…]

Boost your productivity for $20 with Humm.ly’s curated library

There’s no better way to get into a creative groove than by turning up your music and tackling your projects headfirst. However, whether you want to hype yourself up for work or relax after a long day, there’s an optimal playlist you can be listening to achieve that. Humm.ly has all of these tracks and more for as low as $ 19.99.

Humm.ly is a music therapy app aimed at helping you achieve better focus in all aspects  [Read More…]

Here’s how to earn a $5 Vudu credit by adding to your digital movie library

Bulk up your digital movie collection at a discount.

Vudu’s offering a $ 5 promo credit to use toward your next purchase when you convert 10 titles using a Disc 2 Digital method through April 21. If you’ve never used the D2D feature on Vudu before, it’s super quick, very easy, and can actually save you money on your digital purchases! If you complete all of the required D2D conversions before the end of the promo, you’ll receive a  [Read More…]