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India’s oldest record label takes Spotify to court over licensing rights

Spotify agrees to remove Saregama’s catalog of 120,000 songs from its platform.

Spotify made its long-awaited debut in India earlier this year, with monthly plans starting off at just ₹119 ($ 1.70). The launch went through in spite of litigation from Warner Music, which prevented Spotify from streaming the record label’s vast catalog of songs in the country.

In what must feel like déjà vu for the streaming service, it is now facing another injunction, this time  [Read More…]

Google’s changes to EU licensing could mean more expensive Androids

Appeal or not, Google’s making changes.

Google just announced it has filed an appeal with the European Commission (EC) following a $ 5 billion fine from July related to its licensing terms for Android and Google apps. The crux of the EC’s decision earlier this year was its opinion that Google was taking advantage of its position as a dominant operating system to be unfriendly to companies making Android devices. The EC took particular umbrage with Google’s  [Read More…]

BlackBerry may begin licensing its Android software to other manufacturers

BlackBerry is devising a new way to make some much-needed cash.

BlackBerry has been on a bit of a resurgence, at least in mindshare, since releasing its first Android phone. It hasn’t exactly turned the company’s financials around, and it has since licensed its named to TCL in order to shed the cost of developing hardware. That arrangement has TCL design and build the hardware, while BlackBerry maintains the software. It’s a good arrangement.

Soon, BlackBerry may  [Read More…]

Qualcomm licensing blocked Samsung from selling Exynos chips

Deal dating back to 1993 is reportedly why we’re not seeing more non-Samsung phones running Exynos.

South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission has claimed that Qualcomm blocked Samsung from selling its own Exynos processors to other manufacturers through a patent licensing deal, ZDNet reports.

The deal reportedly dates back to 1993, when an agreement was reached to allow Samsung to make its own modem chips using certain CDMA patents, but only for use in its own phones. Subsequently,  [Read More…]

Nokia and Samsung announce patent licensing deal expansion

Nokia and Samsung have agreed to expand the cross license agreement covering patents, extending said coverage over additional patent portfolios of both parties. This newly acquired access on both fronts will enable Samsung and Nokia to further develop, launch and support more advanced technology.

While the exact list of patents already covered by the license, as well as the new specific listings, are rather vague Nokia did note in its press release the company expects revenue  [Read More…]

Patent licensing deal will see Microsoft Office apps pre-loaded on ASUS smartphones

Microsoft and ASUS have announced a broadened patent licensing deal that will give ASUS access to more licensed technologies from Microsoft in its Android smartphones and tablets. According to the press release, it also appears that Microsoft Office services may come pre-installed on some ASUS devices as part of this deal as well.

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Microsoft wins patent court battle against Google to lower licensing fees

Microsoft has scored a victory against Google in the courts. Redmond won an appeals court ruling that could lower the rates numerous electronics makers pay to license technology for smartphones and personal computers. The appeals court in San Francisco upheld a $ 14.5 million jury verdict against Google for unfairly demanding excess amounts from Microsoft for patents covering Wi-Fi and video downloads.

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Amazon licensing Android Appstore to BlackBerry

Deal opens up official access to Amazon’s app catalog for BlackBerry users

The BlackBerry love affair with Android apps opens a new chapter today with the news of a licensing deal with Amazon for its Appstore. With the launch of BlackBerry 10.3 this fall, BlackBerry 10 device owners will be able to download all the Android apps Amazon has to offer while BlackBerry is left “to focus on enterprise application development.”

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Motorola Solutions (the other Motorola) signs licensing agreement with Microsoft

Microsoft can add another feather to its IP licensing hat, having now signed Motorola Solutions up for a licensing agreement. That’s not Motorola Mobility, the portion of Motorola bought by Google and now being sold to Lenovo that makes handsets such as Moto X and Moto G, as well as Verizon’s Droid line. No, Motorola Solutions is the other Motorola, the part left behind after Google snapped up the smartphone half of the company. And they  [Read More…]

Google reportedly strikes licensing deal with hotel booking software startup Room 77

Google and Hotel-booking start-upRoom 77 have come together today, and they should be able provide better (and more lucrative) hotel-search results.