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How to remove location data from photos on Android

Location data can be very useful in documenting where you took your vacation photos or pictures for proof of things like a traffic accident, but if you leave location data on all the time, it can be used against you if someone you don’t trust gets ahold of your stuff. In order to protect yourself and those around you, here’s how to strip out location info from photos you’ve taken — and more importantly, how to keep it  [Read More…]

Google’s super-simple Plus Codes location system rolls out to Maps app

No address? No problem.

What you need to know Plus Codes are a new addition to Maps that use latitude and longitude coordinates to create “digital” addresses, even in areas without a traditional address. Plus Codes are searchable in Google Maps, just like a regular address. Google is making its digital address technology open source for developers to use as they see fit.

Your address is just as much a part of your identity as your phone  [Read More…]

How to change your location using a VPN

There are a variety of use-cases for a VPN, but no matter which VPN provider you use or what reason you’re connecting to a VPN for, the underlying technology remains the same — changing the location of the IP address of your computer, phone, or even your router.

Known as ‘spoofing’, changing your IP address to somewhere else in the world is really easy to do with a VPN meaning you can access content not usually available in your own  [Read More…]

Google and Facebook are using location data to track lockdown effectiveness

Google continues to help users and governments amid the coronavirus pandemic.

What you need to know Google is creating what it calls COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports, providing data into how movement trends have changed in response to the pandemic. The initial reports will cover over 131 countries, with additional countries being added as time goes by. Users can opt-out by disabling location history tracking in their Google account.

Google continues to contribute to coronavirus response efforts by  [Read More…]

Google’s location tracking made this innocent biker a suspect in a robbery

A bike ride he won’t soon forget.

What you need to know Zachary McCoy became a robbery suspect by riding his bike past a house three times that had been burgled. Police used a geofence warrant to request information about devices in the area from Google. Geofence warrants have increased by 500% from 2018 to 2019.

Did you ever think your next bike ride might turn you into a suspect for a crime? I know I haven’t,  [Read More…]

Police abuse of location data causes more harm than good

Being innocent doesn’t stop you from being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Zachary McCoy enjoys riding his bike. It’s a great way to get a little fresh air and exercise, and millions like him do the same. McCoy also, like many other people, uses an app to keep track of his bike rides, and this put him in the crosshairs of Gainsville, Florida police as a suspect in a crime he didn’t commit. Welcome  [Read More…]

Carrier fines over selling location data aren’t enough

A $ 200 million fine means carriers still made money selling our location; and since it was ours, do we get a cut?

The FCC has finally stepped up and fined the four major U.S. carriers — AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile — $ 200 million for selling real-time live customer locations to third-party resellers without user consent. Stepped up is a slight exaggeration because a small fine is more like the cost of doing business than  [Read More…]

FCC: ‘One or more’ carriers violated federal law selling location data

The question now is, what will be the punishment?

What you need to know The FCC has concluded its extensive investigation into US carriers and location data. It has determined that one or more carriers violated federal law by selling real-time data. Measures against those carriers are now being considered.

The FCC has found that one or more US carriers broke federal law by selling customer’s real-time location data, after an extensive investigation.

As reported by The  [Read More…]

Google Maps adds branded location pins when getting directions

Branded pins have been around since 2016, but not while navigating.

What you need to know Branded location pins will now show up in Google Maps even when using it for directions. Users will be able to tap on pins to quickly add them to their route. Google says this will start rolling out in the coming weeks.

With the holidays almost upon us, stores have already begun slashing prices and running Black Friday promotions. Now, Google  [Read More…]

How to automatically delete your Google Location and Web & App Activity

Back in May, Google, as part of a commitment to give its millions of users more control over their privacy and data retention, said it would soon allow certain sets of data to be deleted automatically after a certain period.

That feature is now live, and it’s available for Web & App Activity, along with Location data. Here’s what you need to know about the service, and how to set the data to be deleted automatically.

What is  [Read More…]